Hot summer days & nights

Foraging for Saskatoon berries along Grace in the heavy morning humidity. Picking a handful and eating them heading southward. Trying to keep cool walking in the shady side of the street. Meeting for Americanos and hitting yard sales with future roommate. Purchasing framed Southern France art deco drawings for the bathroom. Watering and admiring the solanum, prickly tomato plant in my garden. Building earth brick beds with children and youth. Eating fried clams in Queen’s Park North  while observing toddlers knocking over floaty balloons filled with helium. Watching younger cousins play “Grounders”. Watching Rose Ave. children playing “Shark” along the vacant portables. Biking along Queen’s Quay. Dodging mini vans and BMWs. Attending panel discussion on colonialism, imperialism and capitalism organized by No One is Illegal at Ryerson. Drinks on a patio with new and old friends. Flirtatious banter. 3:00 am poutine and pop drinking with Montrealers on stoop. Dancing to old school music. Gin and tonics. Getting hit in the head by a flying soccer ball. Drinking a lot of water. Being combative and head butting people. Trading flat yellow shoes for white high heeled sandals to provide relief to fellow female-kin. Stumbling in said heels. Biking through Trinity Bellwoods. Buying myself flowers in Parkdale. Kitty cuddles. The Black Keys’ Brothers album on Repeat. Dancing in my underwear to Sleigh Bells. Taking my cousins to the park. Gelato in Little Italy. Fresh farm eggs from Tony. Pondering. Duck and quail eggs experimentation in the kitchen. Cooking stir fried ginger and onion blue crabs feast for maman-daughter sleepover. Splurging on dark chocolate at the fancy confectionery shop down the street. Shots of sambucca. Swollen lips. Reading L’élégance du hérisson in the park. Waking up sweaty at 2:00 am and 5:00 am regularly. Writing in the wee hours  of the morning. Going for Brunch at Grace’s and Mia’s.  Savouring congee, runny eggs, pickled vegetables, fried dough patties, and okra and tomato dish. Random solo evening bike rides downtown. Giving away spring garlic in St. James Town to Portuguese lady. Admiring little houses north of Queen West. Staring at the stars on patios and lying down on slides in the playground. Playing on the swings — trying to go as high as possible without getting too dizzy. Petting Great Danes and hounds on the street when the owners/guardian are not watching. French films about love. Speaking French to my cats. Mentally naming things in Vietnamese on my way to work. Xe dap, nha, xoi. Markham BBQ.  The Dad brigade at the Commun. Spitting and crying infant. Baby smells. Random encounters and connections. Getting children to fight over sugar snap peas. Skype conversations with long distance friends. Evasiveness. Visiting Amber at Urban Harvest and eating croissants and drinking carrot ginger apple smoothies. Listening to the Wu Tang at 5:30 am on a Monday. Regaling friends with sordid stories. Water play. Making do. Making plans. Outdoor free concerts. Red currants. Sore muscles. Siestas and power naps. Slanted tree out front of house. Toronto Underground Cinema and outdoor films. Fixing the brakes on my bike. Helping others fix their bikes. Fundraiser parties. Laughing by myself. Neil Young. Strolling for hours in the city. Macchiatos on Harbord in the afternoon. Falling in love with beautiful and stylish women on bicycles every day. Sundresses. Dirty feet. Pink nails. Fashion blogs. Broken hearts. Joyful. Old Crushes. Eating too many nem nuongs. Bad 24 Hour Vietnamese food. Giant dandelion gone to seed blowing in the wind at 4:00 am. Wood chips. Breathing in the pre-rain air. Random capitalization. Not being afraid. Doing “Chinese medicine shots”. Checking out community gardens in the dark. Making others grin and laugh. Strategizing and planning around exciting summer youth project. Cordless power drilling. Stumbling on a Beehive Collective workshop over the weekend. Precarious job security.  Watching dogs at the dog park. Enjoying my own company enormously. Lettuce from Pasquale. Co Hang’s delicious chocolate cake - a cross between a cake and truffle - not too sweet and a perfect balance between airyness and density. Sitting on storefront pipes commiserating. Bonding with little cousin and letting her dictate what shoes I should try on for fun at the mall. Tasting raw rhubbarb in the garden. Endless texting. Never getting tired of Abbey saying the latin names of plants outloud. Homemade beef jerky made by Leslie in exchange for watering her plants. Being inspired. Being tired. Milk bottles filled with water strewn across the apartment. Disarray. Eating a lot of kale. Wishing I could do a cartwheel. Propagating. Spring garlic all-purpose pesto jar in the fridge. Having friends over for impromptu dinners. Going to bed too late. Waking up too early. Creating. Dynamics. Excited for what’s ahead.


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  1. 1 mia

    wow, amazing, summer.

  2. 2 XY

    Thanks for making it amazing Mia!

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