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Ok. So here’s a video of me cleaning my Boots.

Footwear – of course – gets really dirty. Nonetheless, people may not realize this and not wash their Footwear regularly. To put it in perspective – you walk everywhere – the ground outside is very dirty! Everything settles on the pavement and sidewalk. Your feet sweat into your Footwear and then bacteria thrive off of that and the heat!

So I guess this video is good for people who have Foot Fungus or are concerned about getting it. From my perspective – the purpose for doing this is to Maintain the health of the 1st Chakra and the Etheric Body. The legs and feet are extensions of the First Chakra (Inner Potentiality). If we have dirty Footwear, it’s going to make our 1st Inner Potentiality (IP) dirty too!

Also, if your Higher Sense Perception is developed enough that you can sense things Kinesthetically (feeling rather than smelling, hearing, or seeing) – and you have already soaked your Footwear in a bucket of diluted detergent, but they still feel ‘dirty’ with your HSP, then if you ignore this message it will cause your Etheric Body to become Insalubrious and possibly weaken your HSP.






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***MORNING EXERCISE #1*** #hathayoga #millennial #hoodie
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Thx for joining me this Morning! Welcome to my Small Apartment.

Exercising every morning after you wake up is a good idea!!

I might understand that you might not be able to because you hate your boss and simply the thought of them causes you to cringe and want to sleep in! 🤣

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My formal education is in Massage Therapy, however to be successful as a Massage Therapist I will have to market to Sporty people. I’ve never been into sports and I’m too old now to force myself to get into it. Life is too short to pretend to be into something I’m not…no one is going to intimidate me into pretending! 💪🏻 ⚔️

Hardstyle might have a special place in my Heart. I first ‘learned’ about it when living on Baycrest Ave. I found a lovely video on YT about MOH in Italy. It was a great video. I think it’s been deleted now. It really enthused me and augmented my Hatha Yoga ‘personal practice’ at that time in my life.

I don’t understand why more men don’t look after themselves. It’s worth it. The External World will reciprocate with more Beauty for you!!! Beauty might be the only thing that defeats psychological disorders! I’m reminded of this awfully overweight man I saw near Shoppers Drug Mart. At least he was riding a bicycle, however his gut was sagging down like something awful! Too much beer, junk food and Internal Harmful Untrue Beliefs (I-HUBs) that maintain that pitiful lifestyle.

I bought this Hoodie with a gift card my sister gave me.

My hair looks sexy!!! I’m pretty happy with how sexy I look now: around September of last year I was overweight and greasy looking.

The Throat Exercise is important because a lot of people have gross Throat Areas.




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07.09.2019 Noble Prince’s-pine

Really pretty native plant to Eastern North America.

Stephen Gingold Nature Photography Blog

Also known as Pippsissewa, Noble Prince’s-pine-Chimaphila umbellata, has a very unique flower. Native Americans had many uses, both medicinal and as food, for this curious flowering woodland plant.

One of the more recognizable uses, especially before chemical additives, was  for root beer flavoring.  It’s also used in salves and herbal tea.

The above image is a 2-shot stack for increased depth of field .  The light was direct sun and the background is my shadow.

Pipsissewa is native in most of the United States.  These were found in the Federated Women’s Clubs State Forest in Petersham, North Quabbin, MA.

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DATE: Sept. 21st, ‘19

VIDEO LINK: Late September Exercise

👋 Hey!

OK, so in this Vid I am demonstrating doing some HATHA and KUNDALINI yoga!!

I began practicing both around 2002 and have been practicing both branches of yoga since!

Hatha is not as active as KUNDALINI. I believe Hatha has more to do with maintaining and improving the NADIS (Subtle-Energy channels and especially nodes), and also physically maintaining and improving joint function.

The 1st CHAKRA may be about your Subconscious (Inner) Potential for Survival. It’s about Unconscious Surviving – doing things inadvertent to maintain your Survival.

The CHAKRAS are all about your unconscious (inadvertent) behaviour.

I dub the CHAKRAS ‘Inner Potentialities’ because focusing on them may augment your ability to fulfill the CHAKRA Function – Displaying your Distinct: Survivability, Sensuality, sense of Self, Gifts, Inventions, Ideas, and Beliefs.

CHAKRA 2A is abut your Distinct Sensuality.

Pranayama may augment Brain Function and focusing on the CHAKRA CORDS may improve your relationships. I’m real about Alternate Nostril Breathing and don’t force myself to breathe through both nostrils when it’s almost impossible – so I just breathe in and out through the open one and block the ‘clogged’ one.

The First 3 Auric Levels are your Etheric, Emotional, and Rational Bodies. They may be precursors to your conscious physical sensations, feelings, and thoughts.

4A CHAKRA may be the the origin of your subconscious (Inner) ability to Give & Receive in relationships(with people, animals, plants, objects, spirits, deities).

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I did start the exercise without eyebrows, but then I put them on later.

The Intro was filmed on a different day.


DATE: Sept. 17th, ‘19

VIDEO LINK: Internal Harmful Untrue Beliefs About Yourself

👋 Hey!

So I had a Dermatologist appointment in my old neighbourhood.  The hood contains a nice parkland I believe called the ‘Black Creek Parklands’.  I decided it was the right time to learn how to use my Tripod outside, so I did.  I think it turned out nice.

I used to go to the Black Creek to get solace away from the Stressful Apartment.  In Toronto – probably 75% of the jobs are Minimum Wage jobs.  We have a problem here that even if you work Full Time, you still can’t afford a Bachelor apartment.  It’s ridiculous and hast to be changed.  So I had to share a 2 bedroom flat with 3-4 other people.  The living room was converted into 2 bedrooms.  It was very stressful to say the least.

The River Valleys in Toronto are significant for recreation. For those people it affects, recreation is an important tool to fight Substance Addiction, because you’re having fun without involving The Substance.

So in this Vid, I thoroughly talk about the Ketheric Template Body (KTB) and Beliefs.  Beliefs about yourself can ether be an I-HUB or a FTN. I am worried that you might get the wrong idea about an FTN. I touch about the fact that a Belief – in order to be Salubrious – should be Favourable, however I didn’t mention that it also has to be true. To access a True Notion – to create a True Belief for yourself, you should think. It’s best to think alone, with a nice pen and paper. Thinking with someone else will probably cause Inadvertent Conflict and be ‘counterproductive’.

Mentioning can be VERBAL and NON-VERBAL (nv).

NV: (written)

NV: (actions without words)

NV: (pictures)

So the Inner World becomes damaged from Verbal Abuse (and obviously by physical abuse). It becomes infected by absorbing Noxious Mobile I-HUBs (Internal Harmful Untrue Beliefs) from Others. The way this happens is hearing, reading, or maybe even seeing non-verbally the Noxious Mobile I-HUB displayed. You’ll know you’ve absorbed a NM-I-HUB when you experience intense feelings afterwards. The intense feelings are caused by the ‘dissociated/disassociated’ thoughts you have from the absorbtion (damaging your Rational Body), which should become ‘associated’ (healthy/salubrious) when you analzye them with your Outer Attention (probably your Conscious Mind) (healing/fixing up the Rational Body).

Simply put, people might not clean their house as much or as well as they should because they don’t notice the dirtiness because of their Internal Cognitive Distractions (ICDs). ICDs are exemplified by Insalubrious HEF-Ls: most commonly an Insalubrious Rational Body due to ‘disassociated’ Thoughts that should to be analyzed with your own Conscious Mind (to complete them by adding New Information or to fix them by removing inaccurate info).

DEFINITION of Bumptious: obtusely, and often noisily self-assertive.

DEFINITION of Activity: natural or normal function.

DEFINITION of Salubrious: favorable to or promoting health or well-being.

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Video Link: MORNINGSIDE PARK near Orton Park


K – I decided to go to MORNINGSIDE PARK, near my house. It was Satuday – TORONTO’S MOST SOCIAL DAY!!!  MORNINGSIDE PARK somewhat cradles my hood ‘West Hill’.  I believe the West Highland Creek forms the west boundary of it, and the East Highland Creek the east boundary.  Most of us in West Hill think of the MORNINGSIDE PARK that part of wilderness that is between Lawrence Ave E and Ellesmere Rd along Morningside.  In the beginning when I made this, I didn’t and I still don’t believe that the part along Lawrence Ave between Orton Park Rd. and The Storefront is also called MORNINGSIDE PARK.  It seems too big.

I was very unhappy to see that it was INFESTED with DOG-STRANGLING VINE (proper name: Black-Swallow Wort). Next Summer I’ll focus on removing it.

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DATE: Aug 22nd, ’19


OK, so being ready for something means that you have prepared for that event. If it’s not within your INNER INTENT (InIn) – not Aligned with your HARIC LINE to participate in the Event for which you should prepare, then your preparing will probably be a Waste of Time. Please don’t overdo your Preparing-ness so that it becomes a Preoccupation (obsession).

So – if you have sufficiently prepared for an Event, and participating in this Event is aligned with your Inner InIn, then you should be ‘Ready’ to ‘Handle’ the Event. ‘Handling’ is synonymous with ‘Dealing with’ and/or ‘Coping’.

I surmise that when you are Ready to Deal with an Event, that means – energetically – that your CHAKRA CORDS from your Front CHAKRAS are Favourably Anticipatory (not predisposed to Thrusting in response to The Event).

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VIDEO LINK: White Haven and McDairmid Woods Parks

DATE: Aug 18th, ‘19.

LOL: So I guess I’m exploring the HIGHLAND CREEK’s Tributaries!!!!!! It’s quite fun!!! I’m looking forward to ‘exploring’ the Markham Branch south of the 401 (Big Highway).

I presume that SCARBOROUGH was badly planned – because it’s too big for itself. Thankfully it is somewhat divided into different neighbourhoods – however the ‘elites’ would scoff at this.

So – I also presume that the reason they built the DON VALLEY Parkway and that ‘Rosedale Road’ through the DON VALLEY was because they didn’t care (Emotional Body) about Nature at that time because they believed (Ketheric Template Body) that Nature should be mistreated for selfish gain [exploitation] (Relational Body). So this Unfavourable Belief (I-HUB) infected their Rational Body via Harmonic Induction and then gave them the Inner Thoughts that lead to their Inner Feelings of not caring about Nature.

I give you *MUCH* FREE information on the Human Energy Field in this Vid!!! Again – Stress just might be a HUGE upcoming Issue. People shouldn’t scoff at the Subject of Stress because – fundamentally – it is what causes you to get acutely sick (cold, flu etc.) in the first place. We all may know that Stress causes the PHYSICAL BODY to create cortisol, and when it’s doing that, the immune system has ‘shut down’.

I also touch on a Good Point for people with ‘Type A’ personalities!

It’s only Corrupt *ssholes who scoff at the Subject of Stress. They probably only see you as their servile slave, wanting to exploit you until you die.

Much thanks to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority for providing FREE publicly a really good map of the HIGHLAND CREEK – so we know what its different tributaries are called!!!!!!

I know it might be interpreted as somewhat weird that I love Baneberry so much, however:

– It’s red berries are beautiful-looking

– It’s leaves are pretty

– It’s flowers are dainty and pretty

– It’s rarer than Jack-In-The-Pulpit (JITP)

I saw a Great Blue Heron!

I prefer to call these tributaries ‘creeks’ instead of ‘branches’.

FYI: Don’t eat:

– Wild Cucumber Pods

– Baneberry Berries

– JITP Berries

– Virginia Creeper Berries

– Solomon’s Seal Berries

– They’re all toxic to humans. They’re basically food for the birds and animals!

LOL – I was so impressed with McDairmid Wood’s Park (before I actually ‘inspected’ it). I was so looking forward to seeing some Baneberry.


– Even though Ragweed (R) and Beggar’s Tick are beautiful Native Plants here, R is invasive in Central Europe and BT is invasive in New Zealand. Neither have the proper predators (birds and animals that eat them) in those countries. Anyway – if the predators were introduced, they themselves might also become invasive species. The best bet is to just fucking pull out the Central Europe Ragweed and the New Zealand Beggar’s Tick by hand!!!

I highly recommend to wear Latex/Plastic gloves when pulling DSV. Otherwise you will probably get really irritating dermatitis (the epidermis on your hands will start to peel, it will be painful when you dry your hands after washing them, they will look unsightly red).

McDairmid Wood’s may have been my first ‘taste’ of experiencing Invasive Trees and Bushes. I did notice that there were too many saplings there. On the Forest Floor, and also some type of ugly shrub here-and-there.

LOL- Sorry for the Rave Music being so loud at McDairmid Woods Park (MDWP), but by then my Headphones had completely broke and were unusable. They were only $40.00 (compared to seemingly better quality ones at $120.00), and I had had them for several months already.


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