S*H*I*T*T*Y Wednesday

*So I wrote this when I was working a job I didn’t like and wanted to do other things…so I was struggling with DRINKING because of that*



“So I wanted to NOT drink before I got home today from work – but there was this **BITCH** behind me on the streetcar talking to her husband about some Idiot student she has.  She seemed to admire the student, but at the same time he probably frustrated her because of his ‘antics’.

!!!!!!FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m so frustrated because I’m trying really hard not to drink…)

Thinking back to her, she was one of those bitches from a ‘Good Family’ – you know, like probably a Straight, Cis-Gendered White girl from her nice single detached house in Mt. Pleasant.

Don’t get me wrong – I respect Mt. Pleasant and big up my Whiteness, however…

So I’m just pissy because I *hate* these f*ckers in academia or elsewhere who seem to know everything about dealing with the subtle bullshit of ‘office politics’.

I’ve worked in ‘corporate’ before and it did not mesh with me. I’m 35 now and know it’s not worth trying anymore.

My personality style just doesn’t mesh with the subtle bullshit of offices.

I guess I’m a ‘warrior’ and my *imaginary* style is kinda just to go in there with a sword and cut my enemys’ heads off and piss on their bodies. In short, my Conflict Resolution Style is : CONFRONTATIONAL.

Plus I don’t trust managers and probably won’t trust them for a long time.



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