Shitty Wednesday

So I wanted to NOT drink before I got home today from work – but there was this BITCH behind me on the streetcar talking to her husband about some Idiot student she has.  FUCK!  Like – I respect her and everything for being in academia (she was a music teacher of some sort and she seemed to know a thing or two about universities)…I don’t know…I don’t know if it was her arrogance or my biting, knawing hurt that I planned to go to university after making money from being a massage therapist (but that was years ago).  I was introverted in college and didn’t make many friends, and when it came to doing the license exam for massage therapy – I failed two times because I didn’t have a practice group to prepare me for it.  And then so I went back to my college to get practice, and I made a friend who I was able to practice with…and then I passed!  But then when I began applying for jobs I got one job at a hotel spa that didn’t fit, one job at a physiotherapy clinic that couldn’t market itself, and then another job at a clinic which I left for a higher paying sales job.  Now it’s years later and I refuse to work a sales job because I’m an introvert and that last sales job was SO MUCH PRESSURE, that I want to get back into doing massage – because now I actually know how to market myself.  Before I knew nothing about marketing.  If I was in that same position I was in years ago, I would have made some sort of card with my picture and name on it and gotten Canada Post to distribute it to all the houses around the clinic so customers could call the clinic and book an appointment with me.

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