So I sit on my $40 couch I got from some fat guy in my building who has a thing for me.  That guy’s a weirdo. He is Muslim, however he’s into guys. He’s a Black Muslim. If it weren’t for that Bitchface Dickhead Jamaican Bastard who harassed me in high school for having ‘come out’ as gay, I wouldn’t have this lifelong subtle disdain for Black people. Not only that, but I rented a room in an apartment headed by a Black gay guy who was SUPER BITTER AND MEAN and vengeful when I told him I was moving. He gave me some stupid soon deadline and sent me a lot of nasty texts. He was a fucked up idiot who lost a chunk of money gambling on the Stock Market.

It seems like the only people who have been violent towards me in my life have been Black people. The Sudanese Idiots who broke me bedroom door, the Black guy who punched me in the Gay Neighbourhood, the Black guy who punched me in the heart of downtown when I was demonstrating, the Black girl who punched me in McDonald’s.


I’m not into fat guys and I myself need to go to the gym to lose weight as well.  I live in a suburban North American city that used to be majority White when it was built, but is now minority White.  I notice this when I go to the gym.  The gym is *infested* with South Asians. Where have the White people gone? I presume all the ones with a high IQ have just left the city. This pisses me off because it’s cowardly and doesn’t fix the problem. The problem is immigration. Do they think that they’re immune from immigration in their small town outside the city? No!!! The Country will continue to import immigrants into it, and then they will start to move to Their Small Town, and they will be weak and ineffectual PANSIES and ‘not want to be racist‘ and move again. Fucking gypsies.

I’m an ***INTROVERT***, and also new to the gym, so I just go on the elliptical for 30 mins and leave.  I don’t understand why anyone would want to socialize at the gym.  

…I guess it’s just their thing. It’s probably part of their Intent and not only a Belief they have that they should socialize there.  For me, if I’m on the elliptical, I just want to zone out and finish my workout and leave.  

I hate taking the bus home afterwards.  I don’t own a car.  

I have $30k of credit card, line of credit and overdraft protection debt.  Thank you Toronto for deceiving me into thinking that your Job Market would support a White Guy. I had hope that it would…but what did that get me? Debt!

Don’t be deceived by those awful females in Temp Agencies…

There is no way I’m going to be able to pay that off myself!’sPaypal

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