EARLY YEARS – Memories

I guess I’ll start with before Kindergarten.

Prior to Kindergarten I lived in a single detached, two storey house in the suburbs.  I had a babysitter who was this Scottish woman.  

I think Scotland is a pussy country for caving to the First Nations BULLSHIT over the Residential School crap. Like, really:

How do they know their children would have been better off not going to the residential schools? How do they know their parents weren’t abusive? They didn’t have toilets, running water outside of the Residential Schools. How do they know for sure that taking them from their parents was actually psychologically harmful? What good is diversity of language when really their is miscommunication everywhere and no one can understand each other?!?!

Whenever I’d go to her house, she’d neglect me and tell me to just ‘play in the backyard’ by myself.  It was lonely.  

That wasn’t ‘babysitting’. She should have *at least* let me stay with her in the same room and give me something to play with. I remember going upstairs one time and seeing her with a bottle of whisky. I think she only drank one shot.

That pales in comparison to my Whiskey Addiction I had last year where I would buy like 2 small bottles of whisky everyday because I hated where I lived and who I lived with and my whole life.

It all began with taking whisky to be handle the bullshit of the self-aggrandized ASSHOLES who call themselves homeowners in Toronto. Going door-to-door selling a service is a job only A SELECT FEW can do (w/o resorting to a chemical substance afterwards to help deal with the CONSTANT BULLSHIT).

Thank God I’m no longer addicted.

I won’t try that again. Respecting my Introvertness MA FAM!!!

One day I was sick and tired of being so neglected that I escaped from the backyard and walked home.  It wasn’t far.  It made my mom upset.

My Mom is an ***Upset Bitch***. She’s really good at freaking out and yelling over the smallest things…


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