I’ve had a FUCKING AWFUL day.  Well – not really.  

I stood on my corner to promote.  At least that is a success!  

My FAILURE today was I had too many beers: one pint before talking the bus into town, and several half pints once I got into the neighbourhood I was working at.  

Now I have a library book so I can pass the time on the bus without being distracted by all the people I hate.  (March 8th Update: I no longer *hate* the people on Public Transit. I guess the hatred of them was linked to my alcoholism. Maybe it had to do I was taking transit to get to a job I didn’t want to go to. It was probably both. The ‘good news’ is that I am no longer having the same bad feelings anymore. Also, I got some wicked rebate from the Government and used that to buy ‘YouTube Music’ on my phone and some earbuds. Listening to music REALLY HELPS pass the time on transit. I didn’t do that before because I didn’t have a YT Music subscription, I didn’t have earbuds, and I think there was some technical issue at the time with connecting WI-FI to my phone which is now resolved).

If I don’t have a book, I drink beer before I get on or I take a coffee with me.  (Update: I am no longer drinking coffee from Outside anymore! Yay! I drink my coffee before leaving my house – and I’m set! For some reason I’m not enticed to drink any when I’m outside doing work. I guess it’s the music again…Saving me money and helping me boycott anti-White businesses in Toronto!)

Now things are getting better – I just have to avoid getting into tipsy fights.



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