I’ve had a fucking awful day.  Well – not really.  I stood on my corner to market.  At least that is a success!  My failure today was I had too many beers: one pint before talking the bus into town, and several half pints once I got into the neighbourhood I was working at.  Now I have a library book so I can pass the time on the bus without being distracted by all the people I hate.  If I don’t have a book, I drink beer before I get on or I take a coffee with me.  I guess today I didn’t think of taking a coffee instead of a beer because I’m not brewing my own coffee at home.  It’s some sort of fine grind called Magdella D’oro or something like that.  When things used to be better for me, I would brew it.  Now things are getting better – I just have to avoid getting into tipsy fights.


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