Nov 30

So today I did my selling.  I’m in direct marketing of my own business.  It’s a lot of ‘no’s’.  Oh well.  That’s normal for cold calls and dm.  Drank too much booze today – 1 half pint and two ounces of whisky.  I feel bad about the whisky.  Thinking back to today, I had my first ounce because I was having bad thoughts about potential customers.  You know, like ‘these people are shit’, ‘people suck’, and so on.  How could you not have thoughts like this about people who most likely will reject you?  I’m so happy that I’m working for myself.  I can’t stand having a boss.  Thankfully my last two bosses were chill, but things have changed at the restaurant I was working at and the chef de cuisine may be fired for not ensuring one of the staff turn off a heat lamp that caused a small fire.  If I was looking for a new job being paid working under someone else, I’d have to make a resume.  I don’t have a prep cook resume.  I don’t want to make one because I don’t know who will be my next boss – and anyway looking for a new job can be bad with all the rejection etc…Well, working in a kitchen, getting a job in one is easier than getting a job doing customer service.  The customer service jobs are all crappy and you have to apply to some fucking temp agency and undergo the humiliation of being interviewed by some deranged power-hungry young woman…you need to get a fn book on interviewing and practice interview questions and answers like some lame-o.



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