Dec 3

So today is Dec 3rd, a Monday.  I killed two baby cockroaches in my apartment today.  I don’t know where they’re coming from!  They’re so disgusting!  I’m going to search on google and try to find some type of home remedy that I can use – like place it in several places to attract and kill the cockroaches.  I assume that all of Toronto’s apartment buildings have cockroaches.  I did rent a room in one on Don Mills that I can’t remember any cockroaches – which is strange.  Maybe the owner of the unit was anal about them and already made some sort of home remedy to kill them all.  That man was a bastard.  So pathetic.  I’m pretty sure he gambled a lot of money and that’s why he had to rent out his bedroom to someone new.  He then moved into what was the dining room and made some kind of makeshift bedroom in it.  That’s when I stopped using the living room – because the living room was directly attached to the dining room and there wouldn’t have been any privacy.  I have a really good memory of giving head to some hot dude on the balcony, before the shit landlord moved into the dining room.  He was so disgusting.  He used to shower with old spice and it stank up the bathroom afterwards.  When I told him I was moving out, he freaked out and I think told me to leave in 3 days or something stupid like that.  I remember he sent me a slew of nasty text messages around that time, and that’s when I became scared of texting.

Anyways, I’m pleased with myself for going to the gym tonight.  I almost didn’t go because I was having bad feelings about this manager at my work.  I was scared she found my YouTube channel.  The reason for that is because YouTube usernames now automatically become gmail usernames.  So I’ve had to make a whole new email account for DECENT stuff.  I’ve checked the last two sent messsges I sent her and the all come up under my proper name – so I shouldn’t be worried.  I’m so looking forward to losing my belly – I’ll look sexier and have better chances of attracting guys for – you know.

its my bday in 5 days and my mom is hosting a dinner for me at her house.  I’d rather her and dad just meet me at the swanky sports bar near my house, however sometimes when I drink around them they end up pissing me off – and I don’t want to have any more fallings out with them.  They are in their 70s.


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