So I’ve gotten a reply to an Energy Healing ad I posted on Kijiji.  I’m happy about that.  I wrote back asking why the woman was interested and am awaiting a response.

Update: Bitch didn’t respond!

Went to the library today and it took the usual amount of time to find a book.  Forever!!! I don’t understand why there are so many mystery books.  

Are THAT MANY people into death and dying?  

…Like all mystery books are centred around a murder or murders of some sort.  I used to be keen on reading Agatha Christie, however now I would need data on my phone to be able to access an online dictionary so I could decipher Christie’s ‘Old English’.

It hasn’t snowed that much here.  I kind of like the snow when I’m promoting on my corner because it may make me appear mysterious – in a good way.

So thankfully I went out to do SOME promotion work today.  Got my YouTube video done and my poem.  Went to buy some groceries, and noticed baby carrots were not even $2 for a bag.  Looking forward to buying them regularly in the future.

(March 8th ’19 Update: I now eat carrots regularly – several times a week).

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