So today was my Bday!  I’m sadly 35 years old. (When I was in that Intoxicated Haze of Respiridone and Whisky Addiction, I thought I was 37 or maybe even older…).

I’m fat and have bags under my eyes.

I hope to lose the weight by doing 30 mins of cardio 6 days a week

…(Update: Doing cardio for 30 mins is better than nothing, however in order to lose the weight as fast as possible, spend 2 hrs a day doing cardio. Obviously take care if you have a heart condition – like use less resistance on the Elliptical. I’ve been going for 2 hours a day and my face NO LONGER LOOKS FAT, and I’M BEGINNING TO SEE THE OUTLINES OF ABDOMINAL MUSCLES BEHIND THE FAT)

, and lose the bags from getting donations to buy that under eye cream that works so well.  

I’ve been watching ‘Chills’ on YouTube.  I don’t know why that scary stuff interests me- it didn’t used to.  It used to make me very scared, but now I don’t get flustered – except excluding anything to do with ghosts or poltergeists.  I think or believe that I have some sort of spirit or spirits in my apartment that will become poltergeisty if I swear or express any anger in my house.  

It’s interesting – I brought out my little statue of Woden and placed it on my end table beside my spider plant – and the spider plant has grown two new vertical fronds!  I’m so happy I’m praying every day.  I went for months or maybe even years without praying.  

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