So today I went to the gym today.  I am often so pleased with myself for having gone for my half hour of cardio.  I am really looking forward to losing my belly and chest fat and looking sexier.

My diet is atrocious right now.  Can’t really do much about that bc it’s more important to me right now to not be working in a job I don’t care about, grumbling about not making enough money.  

So I’ve become self employed with no grants or start up money.  

When I got home from the gym, before getting into my apartment I stopped by the garbage chute to throw out my can of Brisk, and jumped back when I saw there was a person crouched on the floor in the small room infont of the chute.  It was this homeless lady that I’ve seen hanging around my neighbourhood for a while.  

I didn’t want to upset her, so I didn’t act aggressive or angry or anything like that.  She wanted to make small talk about recycling, so I went along with it.  I felt bad for her that she was sleeping there, and I wanted to invite her to my apartment to sleep, but I was reminded of my weed addicted ex fiancé…

(Update: I’ve found out that girl may be ‘dating’ the ‘Crackhead’ who lives in the apartment at the end of the hall. I call him a crackhead because he is skinny and has sunken cheeks like a crackhead would. Also he tends to hang around the hallway too much, talking on his phone. He could be like a normal person and restrict his phone conversations to WITHIN his apartment. Plus he bought a new dog that BARKED INCESSANTLY for the first week. Plus he couldn’t afford a $3.25 bus fare. Plus he is friends with the Drunkard in my building).

About the Ex-Fiancee: I felt sorry for him so I let him live with me, but he was abusive and wouldn’t let me turn off the lights at night to sleep.  Pretty weird (I guess it was from the ‘paranoia’ from his addiction), and I put up with it.  I don’t know why he was trying to sleep deprive me.  I guess he was trying to make me go crazy or something so he could steal my money.  I feel bad talking about him so I’ll stop.


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