Dec 11

K… I’m still trying to get used to this new style of WordPress.  Like the blocks and everything…oh well.

So today I did my marketing and as usual most people said no to me, and thats how direct sales is, so I don’t really care.  It crossed my mind today to get some sort of sign to hang around my neck to advertise I’m selling energy healing.  I really don’t want Energy Healing to become regulated cuz then we’ll probably have a group of cunty middle aged women who hate men ruling it and making it difficult for aspiring male energy healers.  I have this viewpoint because it was what I went through in massage therapy college.  Being a gay man, I thought I’d get along with two lesbian teachers – but they were quite unkind to me on some occasions.  Like we had one outreach at an oncology floor in a hospital, which I failed because I didn’t show enough empathy.  The teacher for that was this fat lesbian with short hair.  Like really, palliative care massage is not my thing because I don’t see the point of keeping someone alive just for the sake of avoiding death.  Like, if they are having a shitty life, in a hospital bed dying of some disease…I dunno.  The teacher expected us to really care about these patients and find it awful that they’re dying, but I didn’t care.  I wasn’t going to pretend I cared…well I did.  I pretended to fake that my client had died from looking at her report…like misinterpreting the report to think that she died, and then pretending to care about it.  The outreach made no sense to me and I just believed that it was their fault for getting cancer anyway.  Just look at Energy Healing and the chakras…maybe they most likely weren’t keeping their chakras healthy and that’s why they got cancer!  Good job for being such an unbelieving skeptic!  If I get cancer it will probably be from my shitty diet or drinking too much alcohol…but let’s hope I don’t drink too much booze because I’m really controlling it by refusing to have any booze in my house.  The reason I drink booze is because I hate the society I live in, and I’m not ashamed of my hate anyways…and won’t allow myself to be intimidated into pretending that. I’m sorry for being hateful, and all that BS.  My city is full of crotchety old White people who forgot how they made their fortunes in the first place.  They just want to be left alone to die in their houses and have their city become some non White cesspool of obnoxious delusional, bumptious and insolent Black people, Chinese people who don’t speak English and refuse to do business with anyone who isn’t Chinese, and hoards of South Asian youth who plan to take over Canada and make it a part of India.  Welcome to Toronto!

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