Dec 13

So today I feel fat.  Well, more accurately now, at 7:03pm.  Btw, I’m not using hyphens because it’s difficult to access the hyphen with an iPad screen keyboard, so no one fuck with me about me using a comma instead of a hyphen.

For some reason I have gotten into watching scary stuff on YouTube.  It began with mr.nightmares channel, oh by the way I’m not using apostrophes and brackets either because of their difficulty of use, and then it went onto llama arts channels scary stuff, and now I’m watching lutch greens stuff.  Lutches stuff is far more gruesome and gory than the previous channels, well lutch talks about real life murders etc.  I guess I watch this stuff because off the small amount of excitement and thrill you get for being scared or disgusted.

Happily, I only drank one half pint of that godawful beer in the territory I’m working in, before leaving for home.   Another happy note, it’s made me feel kind of bloated and uncomfortable, I guess that’s the feeling from having done half an hour of kundalini yoga this morning, it’s getting me more in tune with my body.  

Still have to go to the gym tonight.  Still should lose weight.  Every day counts!

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