Dec 14

So went to the gym this evening.  Only went for half an hour.  Went for an hour yesterday because of the pint of beer I had to have before leaving for the gym because there was some psycho weirdo guy in the bus shelter.  I tried to be able to deal with him, but when the bus came, the thought of taking the bus to the gym being so irritated from that man was a huge turn off.  Like, I may see the gym as a sort of punishment.  I would love to just stay in my apartment and drink beer all evening and watch stuff on the internet, but that would cause me to get even fatter, plus I’d feel guilty for drinking at home, because I have a rule not to drink at home.  I remember the time I lived in that awesome house on Baycrest avenue, but because I had had a couple beers at the local bar, which was on avenue rd…such a hoi ty toi ty place, I ended up spilling the beans when I got home and reaming out my female housemate and giving her a big lecture about how she’s a slut and all.  LOL.  Apparently I had to move from that house because the landlord said his family from Thailand would be coming to live there, but the bitch in the house beside us said that that wasn’t true.  I don’t know how she would know, maybe from ‘Clarissa’, the girl who I called slut, cuz she liked to smoke outside the kitchen and talk on the phone, and maybe bitch heard her talk to the landlord or something.  It’s not like that wasn’t the only time we had an argument.  I think another days before that we had an argument and the landlord was hiding somewhere and then he asked me why we weren’t getting along and I said it was because we weren’t having sex.  Clarissa was horny all the time and coming onto me whenever she was around me, but I wasn’t into women at the time so i found it annoying.  

Anyways, I don’t know why some women are such bitches sometimes, like there’s this chick at my gym who always has the nastiest pokerface, same with this cunt that had some high level temp agency job at a factory I used to work at.

Goddamn I’m never working in a factory again, I’m being self employed now for the rest of my life, and that’s that!  No more having shitty jobs paying min wage and feeling bad about myself for having them!

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