Didn’t go to the gym yesterday, but should have.  It was Saturday and there was too much shit going on in the hallway outside my apartment.  I got scared so sequestered myself in my apt for the night, instead of going out to the gym.  I didn’t want to bump into any drug dealers or shady people – I wasn’t in the mood and I would have gotten into some regrettable fight.  

I’m happy I’ve started listening to Bjork again.  Growing up, in my teens and early 20s I was an avid fan.  I loved her albums Homogenic and Vespertine.  Her new stuff is a bit strange.  

I have a headache, but that’s my fault.  Oh well, it will go away.

I highly resent these South Asian security guards in the lobby of my building.  They work for G4S which I hires more South Asians than any other race.  It’s kinda scary, because I’ve seen a lot of young South Asian security guards around.  It’s kinda creepy – because like they are spying on Canada and have some sinister military motive in being security guards.  I dont trust them and I don’t like their annoying language.  At least I went to a White secondary school when I was younger.  That was during the 90s, when it was cool to be Black, and for some reason my school got hate from all those bumptious, insolent Blacks.  Just watch the YouTube channel ‘binaryballs olo 2’.

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