Dec 23

Yay! So I went to the gym tonight for an hour. I feel amazing! My intent was to go for 30 mins, however I was thinking that maybe if I had gone for 30 mins I would have gone to the bar afterwards – and I really didn’t want to go to the bar. I was already feeling ashamed for having drank one extra .5 pint of booze before leaving my work area to go home…it was just that the guy to my left had such a crappy Relational Body. You know…with the Human Energy Field and those who can sense it, the Relational Body is called ‘The 4th Level’. His was all stinky and discoloured and irritating, so it made me want to drink more…and NO It would have not been a good idea to practice Energy Healing on him then, because it wasn’t the right place or situation. People go to bars to unwind, Energy healers included. And don’t even start with me saying that just because I’m an energy healer i shouldn’t drink at all. Yes, it would be ideal for me to not drink at all, but that’s unrealistic because of all the shit people on subway and bus on the way home. YES I am working on my 4th chakra to be able to be unconditionally accepting of everyone on the subway and bus…but it’s THE BUS! I wish I had my own car…but I need more clients and a steady clientele to be able to afford that.

At least I’m not a prep and fry cook anymore – cooking for people I absolutely hate and being regularly upset about my wage.

I’ve applied for EI in my country, and the government wanted to send me email updates of Cook jobs, and they sent me this list and on that list was one job that was $24 an hour, which is a pretty good wage working in a company if you ask me…and NO I wouldn’t like any of you FATASSES to harp up and tell me that you’re making more money than that at a firm and have been doing so for x long. I don’t give a shit. Like, yeah…I shouldn’t have taken that high paying sales job back years ago that derailed my massage therapy career and caused my ex boyfriend to cheat on me. Yes, I should have just kept with that crappy massage therapy job, learned how to make a residential mailing to market my practise…but I guess I was just tired of being so poor and I guess I was greedy. How was I to know that my boyfriend at the time was going to cheat on me, or pretend to cheat on me because my work hours conflicted with his hours and we never really saw each other? I say ‘pretend’ because the way I found out was he left a condom in the garbage in the bedroom, and we fucked bareback. I forgot what he said initially when I confronted him about it, but I remember after a while he said that it was a ploy to make me jealous and I guess to give him more attention by quitting my job.

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