So I am using the keyboard my sister and parents bought me for Xmas. It feels nice to type ‘normal’ again.

***March 9th ’19 Update: that keyboard copped out a couple weeks ago so I had to buy a new one. I bought a cheap one at a computer store in downtown.***

I feel kind of fat because i just had a bowl of cereal. I’m meticulous about getting my vitamins, so i chose the cereal called Just Right, which seems to have the most vitamins and minerals of all the cereals at the supermarket.

OMG…I really have missed typing on a keyboard!

Being so poor, I should use the library computers sometimes, however I feel such shame and embarrassment for using them. I didn’t used to. For 4 years I would go to the Toronto Reference Library several days a week and work on my analysis of Energy Healing. Involved in that was a lot of typing in Word. Sadly I lost all that work I did because the USB that had all the info on it was in a backpack I threw out.

I am much against taking psychotropic drugs. I grew up trusting and esteeming the field of psychiatry – but then I learned the side effects of drugs can be worse than the symptoms they are treating.


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