Dec 29

Hi. I just read the shit that Jennifer Cheong Schneider made in her fucking blog. Disgusting. Anti White bullshit. She should be ashamed that she is half White and writing such crap.

Anyways, I’m sick and tired of the abusive I’ve had to suffer over the past 28 years in this shit city. It’s due to the abuse Black people have of their freedom of speech. They have destroyed my culture by talking shit about White people since the late 1980s – all that crap that Black people are cooler. They invented the racist word ‘whitewashed’, so I’ve invented the word ‘blackwashed’. I hate hip hop. Rap doesn’t exist anymore – just hip hop, and the lyrics of hip hop are all about smoking weed, committing crimes, and fucking women. It’s disgusting. I’m sick and tired of White people pretending to be Black by not enunciating their words. I don’t give a fuck if this outrages some Black people because your outrage means nothing to me and will never mean anything.

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