Dec 30

So I am using the keyboard my sister and parents bought me for Xmas. It feels nice to type ‘normal’ again.

I feel kind of fat because i just had a bowl of cereal. I’m meticulous about getting my vitamins, so i chose the cereal called ‘Just Right’, which seems to have the most vitamins and minerals of all the cereals at the supermarket. OMG…I really have missed typing on a keyboard!

Being so poor, I should use the library computers sometimes, however I feel such shame and embarrassment for using them. I didn’t used to. For 4 years I would go to the Toronto Reference Library several days a week and work on my analysis of Energy Healing. Involved in that was a lot of typing in Word. Sadly I lost all that work I did because the USB that had all the info on it was in a gross laptop bag I had that I threw out. When I moved to my new apartment in the Spring of last year, I began doing Hatha yoga, but the same morning I began doing that, I noticed that the same laptop bag was crawling with baby bedbugs. I’m sure they had come from the previous gross apartment I was living at near Jane and Steeles. That apartment wasn’t gross when I first moved in, but because I was taking a psychotropic drug, the drug made me dull and not really able to clean my apartment. It was very difficult for me to sweep the room I lived in, and also it made me terribly depressed to go to the basement and wash my laundry. When I first moved to that apartment, I had so much energy, I would go across the street to the laundromat there because I didn’t know there was a laundry room in the basement. I dont know if I ever liked that laundry room. I think before I was addicted to whisky and taking that stupid psychotropic prescribed drug, I probably had no problem going to that laundry room.

I am very much against taking psychotropic drugs. I grew up trusting and maybe having loving feelings towards the field of psychiatry – but when I first began taking psychotropic drugs, the side effects were worse for me than what I was taking them to treat. Beware of those people who just blindly believe in allopathic medicine, prescription drugs…I mean there are people out there who use the “mental health system” to control others out of spite.

So thankfully I know to never take any psychotropic prescription drug again – and even natural pills and remedies and stuff like that for the brain Ill be leery of.

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