So it’s NYE and I’m staying inside my apartment, alone (I am an Introvert – so therefore I don’t really care if I’m alone, even on NYE!

(March 9th ’19 Update: Also at this time I was very worried about my money situation, so that was another reason I wasn’t celebrating).

I think if I shared my apartment with someone else, I’d probably start drinking whisky at home again, and then get addicted.

Went to the gym tonight. I don’t think I went yesterday. My diet is so devoid of brain enhancing things. At least I’ve bought some canned peas and corn.

When I lived near Malvern Woods, I would have a bowl of canned vegetables with creamy salad dressing every day. I am so proud of myself, thinking back to that time. Vegetables are quite healthy, and so to have a bowl of vegetables every day is a pretty good feat.


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