Jan 1st 2019

So i’m siting at home in the afternoon. It is New Year’s Day and I’ve already been out and about putting up my business cards in bus shelters. I know that may seem like a pretty crappy way to market a business – but I don’t have any capital to fund my marketing. All I have in my chequing account is $800, and I need that to live of for the next month.

So I didn’t do as much putting up biz cards that I wanted, but now that I’ve learned my balance in my account is so low, I must limit activities that trigger me to drink – such as doing stressful things like more work than I would like to do.

I am very unhappy with the amount of South Asian young men in my city. It is disgusting. Like, the only thing good about them is that they are sexy, but minus that they are annoying and irritating and I just want them to leave. They hang around in their weird groups everywhere. 2 people here, 2 people there – like WTF are they doing? They even fucking congregate at my gym. Like yesterday there was a pod of 3 of them near me.

Anyways, I am happy I ate my carrots today. I guess that drinking less booze is going to have a positive effect of decreasing greatly the risk of me committing some stupid crime because I am intoxicated – mainly attacking the South Asians because they have invaded Scarborough to such an extent, and plus there are those annoying ones who talk on their cellphones on the bus constantly in their Indian language, or the greatly irritating one at the gym (on another day) who talked CONSTANTLY in his Indian language to the guy beside him.

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