Jan 2nd

So i sit in my caffeine and alcohol induced state. On my couch given to me by this Black lecher who just wants to fuck me (but I don’t let him because he is too fat. Seriously – lose some weight. I go to the gym for an hour every day to lose weight. He should at least go for a 30 mins 6 days a week to do cardio). I don’t know where he got the balls to come on to me so often. Whenever he sees me, he tries to come on to me. I think it’s the drugs. When I first went to his house – because I was being nice – he asked me if I wanted some cocaine. I am anti-drug. Even alcohol – although I am addicted to that. Like, people who have sex with other people should maintain their appearance by going to the gym, having proper plastic surgery, or doing other proper cosmetic things to maintain their appearance. Enough said about that.

For some reason I wanted to cry today. In the beginning of the day, it was because I hadn’t left my house early enough to do marketing for my business. Then, later in the day it became my unhappy feelings over the South Asian invasion and dominance my Western city is undergoing. I then thought it could be because I was undergoing alcohol withdrawal, because I hadn’t drank anything yesterday. I’ve sadly failed today and had 3 pints of beer. I was supposed to have none. I’m not going to be seen crying in public no matter what, because then people will think that I have some ‘chemical imbalance’ and push me to take some ‘meds’ to correct the ‘imbalance’. Just so you know – the whole chemical imbalance theory was debunked after 2000, and those ‘meds’ can do more harm than good. So I just stay inside when I feel like crying. Because my government is allowing my country to become infected with foreigners.

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