Jan 3

So I sit on my couch, dirty. I’ve come back from the gym and I should shower. I’m making some pasta in the kitchen and proud of myself because pasta has some nutrients in it. I went down to the Danforth today to put up some of my business cards, and I noticed that a lot of the White people around looked dirty. On closer inspection, it was either their auras were dirty, or their clothes were dirty – or both. I kind of felt sorry for them – well, I did. The Toronto Star is full of disgusting White Cucks who want to destroy White people, by writing stupid articles about “The Whitest Neighbourhoods in Toronto”, or some bullshit like that. Seriously, it’s very probably the The Toronto Star is infected with a whole bunch of weed smoking White senior management who’s drug dealers are all Blacks who have a vendetta against Whites. I’m not really surprised at the state of the White people on the Danforth, because they probably have awful anti-White management that gives them too much work to do, just because they are White, or regularly threatens their job, or doesn’t pay them enough – for the same reason. It’s ridiculous that Black people bemoan ‘cultural appropriation’ when they are the ones who have blatantly culturally appropriated the term ‘White’. Whites need to take back the term from them and re-educate them on what it really means to be White.

*sigh* There was some shitty music video on the tv screen at the gym, from Usher. It was about some East Asian employee of a country club. Of course Usher hates White people and made all the patrons of the country club White, giving the East Asian lady a hard time. If Usher only knew the East Asians in Toronto. The whole bunch of them are disgusting rich snobs, who are handed jobs just because they are a fucking ‘minority’.

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