I’ve decided to fully delve into the World of Self-Employment full time and forever. . I could work part time in some shit, low paying job – however on my ‘off’ time I won’t have enough time to devote to the venture and I will lose interest and it will fizzle into nothing.

Today I saw this snob I used to know. In one of my previous, low-paying jobs, there was this guy named ‘Eves’. I liked him because he was quiet. He also had a nice signature. I knew this, because at the end or our shift we had to sign a paper to give to this Bitch who supervised at our Temp Agency.

He was a snob because he wouldn’t engage in small talk. Another thing I didn’t like about him, was that he did his job really well. He also got preferential treatment from the manager because of his effectiveness.

For someone with HSP, it is ‘really annoying’ to be around people with 6A problems. The 6A is the technical name for the ‘ Third Eye Chakra’. I like to call the Chakras ‘Inner Potentialities’.

Even a few moments ago, when I was writing about Eves – I felt a strangeness. The Celestial Body of peoples’ auras is not restricted by physical distance.


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