Jan 4

So I sit here on my ‘pimp couch’, drinking my black coffee. I call it my ‘pimp couch’, because it was given to me by Lecher. I will call him Lecher. Lecher, Lecher, Lecher. Oh well.

Glad I had my corn tonight. I am a Yogi, so I eat simply. Plus I am very poor. If I might chose – I wouldn’t be poor. Some people would. I think – believe – those people to be idiots.

I’m 35 now, and I – in my mind – should have been making at least $30K every year for the past 10 years. Pfft. Fat chance. Didn’t happen. I’ve worked a few low paying jobs “just to survive” – and I’m ashamed of it. Now I’ve delved into the World of self-employment. I could work part time in some shit, low paying job – but then on my “off” time when I would have supposed to be devoting time to my ‘small business’, I wouldn’t be devoting enough time, and I may not be putting enough attention into it as I would have been if I was devoting ‘full time’ time to it.

Today I saw this snob I used to know. In one of my previous, low-paying jobs, there was this guy named ‘Eves’. I’m not going to use his real name, out of respect for him. Like, I haven’t gotten his permission to write about him or anything. PLEASE DON’T VIRTUE SIGNAL to me that I shouldn’t be writing about him in the first place. I don’t need that bullshit. If you want to virtue signal – go do it to some reporter. Reporters need a lot of criticism anyways.

So yeah, this guy named ‘Eves’. I used to work with him. I liked him because he was quiet. He also had a nice signature. I knew this, because at the end or our shift we had to sign a paper to give to this Bitch who worked at the Temp Agency that got us the job. He was a snob because he wouldn’t engage in small talk with me. At that time, I would say I was even more amiable than I am now. One thing I didn’t like about him, was that he did his job really well. Another thing I didn’t like about him, was because he got preferential treatment from the manager because of how well he did his job. I was jealous – OK? I admit it. ANYWAYS, I saw him today and he was just standing on the corner of this intersection, on the sidewalk, staring into space. I have Higher Sense Perception (HSP). HSP is a talent whereby you can sense what is going on with the Chakras (Inner Potentialities- IP) of the other person. Eve was having some issue with his 6A IP. The 6AIP is located at the level of the forehead. Everyone has one. It is part of the 6A/6B IP. The 6A/6B IP supplies the Celestial Body with energy from the Universal Energy Field. So I assume Eve’s Celestial Body is contaminated and Insalubrious. He also may have been spying on someone in their condo. It may have been both. See – the 6A IP is about ‘visualizing and interpreting mental concepts’. So I presume he saw something through one of the windows of the condo and was misinterpreting it.

For someone with HSP, it is ‘really annoying’ to be around people with 6A problems. Like, I wish CAMH knew about and trusted in the existence of the IPs to find someone with a really Salubrious Celestial Body and strong enough 6A/B IP to fix the damaged and affected 6 A/Bs of people with ‘mental problems’. Like, I’ve noticed that with people who talk to themselves or seem to get angry about nothing in particular, their 6As are always fucked up. Also, when I was working at a telephone help line for people with issues, I psychically couldn’t handle speaking to someone who admittted to having schizophrenia. Like, when they were talking about their delusion(s), it made me feel physically sick (not to the point of vomiting, but still), and when I got off the phone I think I began to have tremors. My theory is that this person with whom I spoke who admitted to having schizophrenia, their 6A IP cords were infected. The only way I can think of for me to be affected like that was for my 6A to have been harmed by the caller’s Insalubrious 6A IP.

Even a few moments ago, when I was writing about Eves, I felt strange. See, the Celestial Body of peoples’ auras may not be restricted by physical distance. How can I make this sound rational? Like, probably Eves’s 6A cords were connected to my 6A, and the Insaluriousness of his Celestial Body was transferred to my Celestial Body via the 6A cords – which made me feel strange.

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