Jan 7

Goddamn, I’m so fucking pissed – and it’s all from checking my mail this morning.

Like, I’ve just been to the bar and had two pints of beer. My limit is two pints. There is so much bullshit in Toronto it’s not even funny. So many niglets running around. Loud, fucking Blackwashed children. Disgusting.

Like, do you know how much I hate being a Canadian? Our Country has fucking bent over backwards to hateful Black people, at least since the late 1980s. I’m 35 now. I’ve had to live through this BULLSHIT for the past 28 years. It’s awful.

I live in Toronto. I’m sure it’s the same elsewhere in this godforsaken country.

Now, we have an influx of South Asians from India. Our country doesn’t give a shit. The company that hires our security guards fo the lobby in my apartment building has fucking favoured a whole SLEW of South Asians for their security. We have THREE South Asian guys on security downstairs. These South Asians don’t give a SHIT about diversity. Where are the White security guards? This company – G4S – FAVOURS South Asians. I’ve seen these fucking South Asians on the bus wearing G4S shirts.

NOT ONLY THAT, our superindentant is a South Asian – the janitor is a South Asian, and it looks like his boss is also South Asian.

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