Jan 8 2019

So, so far today I haven’t drunken any booze. I guess that is some sort of feat – even though I didn’t want to drink any in the first place today. Just doing my laundry – a necessity. Hopefully washing my sheets will get rid of any bedbugs in there. Shamefully I do have bedbugs in my apartment. It’s an old apartment – and like most old apartments in my city, there are bedbugs and cockroaches. I’m looking for any home remedies anyone has to kill them.

I had requested the management of my building to call exterminators for them, however the extermination will require me to be out of my apartment between 9am and 4pm. I don’t know what the hell I will do for that long outside. most likely it would trigger me to drink, so I’ve cancelled the extermination’s. It is more important for me not to drink right now, given my money situation. Also as an Energy Healer, alcohol purportedly causes the auric field of the drinker to become sluggish and dark in colour – and I can’t have that if I’m going to have a client who wants me to see them. The theory is that with energy healing, if the Energy Healer’s aura and chakras (IPs) are clean, that then it will be easier for the EH to clean the aura and the chakras of the client.

I’m 35 now and I’m through with working for someone else, doing a shit job. A shit job in my opinion, is a job working for minimum wage. That’s basically it. Someone at my age shouldn’t be working a minimum wage job. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some asshole berate someone 30 or older for working a minimum wage job. It’s too annoying. It won’t go away if I work the job, so there’s no point in me working one. The ‘it’ in this instance is the ridicule from others, and the expectation at my age that I shouldn’t be working one.

I’m grateful anyways that I am no longer addicted to whisky. There was a point between May and September of last year when I wasn’t drinking any booze at all. I was sober. However that changed when I worked under two huge DICKS at my job. They were these two fucking bastard young men – like early twenties or something. They were really messed up and would tease me all the time. I always had a comeback – which is excellent – but the teasing made me feel sorry for myself and that sorrow caused me to be attracted to the wonderful bar next door.

I have to stop writing now, or else I will be triggered to want booze again.

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