So I sit at home in my comfy Christmas sweater.

There’s some guy who lives down the hall who has been milling about today. He left his door open and his place looks cluttered to me. Also, this morning there were two umbrellas near the elevators. One was propped up on this railing thing near the window, and the other was on the bench in the hallway. There was also some electrical crap on the hallway floor.

This wouldn’t be notable news if this guy wasn’t loud and vexatious. I mean, he’s like 9 apartments away down the hall and I can still hear him. He likes to bang things. (March 10th ’19 Update: he recently has been banging his apartment door – like slamming it repeatedly. A couple nights ago it was happening deep in the night and I opened my door to see what was going on and there he was – down the hallway, staring right at me with this drugged out face. He said something like ‘someone’s knocking on my door’ or ‘was that you knocking on my door?’. He was totally out of his mind. I called Security on him like an hour later and the slamming stopped. Then today this crotchety old lady knocked on my door. I didn’t answer it, just saw her through the peephole. I presume she’s a friend of his to ream me out for snitching on him and calling Security on him. I’m having none of that BS. He should stop taking drugs and be like everyone else.).


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