Jan 11th 2019

So I sit at home with my comfy Christmas sweater on. It’s a grey sweater from the GAP my sister bought me. Went to the gym this evening as usual – have to get my body as sexy as possible for potential hook-ups. Bought some baby carrots to eat tomorrow to promote my eye health.

There’s some guy who lives down the hall who has been milling about today. He left his door open and his place looks cluttered to me. Also, this morning there were two umbrellas near the elevators. One was propped up on this railing thing near the window, and the other was on the bench in the hallway. There was also some electrical crap on the hallway floor. Someone wrote something more in pink marker on the wall, that ended in “Go Away”. The previous thing that was written was “Eat Me”. I assumed that one of my previous hook-ups wrote that on the wall in response to ‘CRAZY MAN’’s yelling. (There is this strange middle aged man who lives near there, and it seems that every night after 10pm he yells stuff in his foreign language. I’ve called security on him at least twice now).

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