So I sit here in my pampered glory: I’ve had my post-gym shower, slathered on moisturizer. I hope someone is glad I’m writing my Blog today. If not an alive person – then hopefully a spirit or spirits.

That reminds me: my friend called me today, but I ignored the call. He hung up after a few rings – it didn’t go to voicemail. It’s my intent to kind of ignore his calls (he’s not in trouble or anything, just sayin’) for several reasons. I’ll try to list all of them.

There was some sexy guy outside the No Frills panhandling tonight. He was aggressive because when I told him I didn’t have any change, he cursed at me under his breath. That was on the way into the grocery store. On the way out, he did the same, and in addition he kind of spat in my direction. I didn’t really care because I used to be a spitter, so I know how it is.


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