Jan 18th ‘19

So yeah….sittin’ on THAT couch again.

Feelings pretty groovy cuz went to the gym. I don’t understand why younger guys go. I’m 35 and have a belly. The reason I go is to become slimmer. I hope they are only going because they are following their Inner Intent. To me, that would be acceptable.

I saw my old YouTube account today. I think it scared me to see one of my old comments on a video.

Life can be pretty fucked up. Like, the reason I don’t have that account anymore is because I forgot the password. It was 5 years ago I wrote the comment. I had a pretty good picture of me going on there. <<<<<I’m trying to remember where I was 5 years ago, in which house I lived>>>>>. My mind is probably blocking the memory out for me to shield me from the pain I experienced having to walk 2 hours to get to work.

I think I was living at the house on Baycrest Ave. I had my computer set up here and everything – not like on Jane St. When I moved to Jane, I was shocked with the people who moved into the apartment after me. I assumed they would steal my computer or something – so I never set it up. Also, there wasn’t much room in the room itself that I rented. I had an end table with a glass tabletop on it. I think I was being too polite not setting up the computer, but I envisioned myself listening to loud music and then getting in trouble with the flatmates.

I watche that movie ‘The Florida Project’, and was happy to learn the main character comes from Lithuania. Hopefully she’s Pagan of sorts. I support Paganism, and Lithuania was one of the last countries in Europe to be Christianized.

One thing I didn’t like about her was that she smoked. I find smoking dirty. I don’t understand how smokers can afford their habit. Most drink booze too. It would get expensive. Anyways, I don’t want to be influenced to take up smoking.

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