So I just finished eating a yummy plate of nachos with melted cheese. They were ‘infused’ with pepper and oregano. On top I laid 3 fried eggs. Had it all with a bowl of salsa. PRETTY GOOD! (March 5th ’19 Update: I don’t buy Nachos anymore because I believe they are detrimental to my health. I believe all Chips are ‘Health-Averse’. Nachos may be a financial burden because you have to buy block cheese or grated cheese (both expensive) to make them enjoyable. Not only that, but WHO DOESN’T BUY SALSA TO HAVE WITH NACHOS?!?!?!

Put up my biz cards today as usual. I guess that’s part of my ‘work’ that I do. It is. No one should contest that.

Bought a blueberry pie today to have with my coffee while doing my other ‘work’: Blog, poem, Vlog. I decided to have the nachos instead – cuz when I was making the coffee, I was hungry. So to solve this: I had some leftover peas and cucumber salad dressing to eat. Then I thought it would be disgusting to eat a sweet pie after having eaten something so savoury.



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