Jan 28 ‘19

It was FREEZING in Toronto today. I took my Smartphone out to videotape something outside for less than 3 MINUTES and the fingers holding my phone froze.

The roads are all crusty with packed snow.

I was unhappy because I thought all the biz cards of mine I taped up in bus shelters stopped adhering to the glass walls of the shelters and then fell to the ground to be discarded 😦

I’m not crazy about putting up my business cards – it’s only one per bus shelter.

I was so worried about my normal Scotch tape not working in this weather that I went to Cdn Tire and bought some heavy-duty looking clear tape. It was $8. The Scotch tape is like $2. When I got outside I tested the new tape, but it didn’t seem to be sticky (I guess something to do with how cold it was?!). I tested it inside in warm temperature and it WAS sticky.

I saw one of my old biz cards in the bus shelter near my gym tonight – and I was surprised it was till sticking to the wall (because it was with regular Scotch tape). I then tested it and then it stopped sticking and then I put it in my bag.

I’m worried about this weather. I need a cold weather tape. I googled for that type of tape and found one called ‘Frost King’ clear plastic Weatherall tape. (https://amzn.to/2FWdmut)

There’s this dipshit who lives down the hall from me. He’s gotten a new dog. It barks NON-STOP. I’ve already called the authorities on him and they said it will take several days to resolve or respond the issue. The dog probably sits in the entranceway of his apartment, and barks TOWARDS THE DOOR. I’m like 9 APARTMENTS away from him. I am not close to his door, and I can hear the dog CLEARLY. It is LOUD. Who the fuck gets a dog that is an incessant barker? It doesnt’ help that this is probably a normal size dog (not a toy dog). SOO IRRITATING.

So I searched where I can find this tape in my city, and apparent I could get it at Home Depot. Lowes, or Walmart.

I may just return the supposed ‘better’ tape I bought today for a refund. If it’s not going to work in cold weather – it won’t be useful until April. I can’t wait 2 whole months for tape.

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