Feb 1st 2019

So I sit here on my comfy couch – better than sitting on the floor! :). Listening to some rock music my phone is playing.

The fire alarm is going off in my building. I assume it was some drug deal gone bad. In the building I lived in before this one, the fire alarm would be pulled by vigilantes at least once a week. The fire department at that complex even wrote a letter to the whole apartment building saying if they find out who was behind the alarms being pulled – they would press charges.

I’m drinking Black Tea right now. Apparently it has 10 health benefits. Let me see if I can dredge up the link and insert it here: https://bit.ly/2N7oZzl

My cord to my phone connecting it to the charger just came lose and fell off my couch. :(. I don’t want to get up and fix it……….Ok fixed!

The skin over the knuckles of my fingers of my right hand is swollen and cracked. I assume it’s from frostbite because my left hand doesn’t have the same problem, and I’m right handed. I assume it’s from putting up my biz cards in bus shelters during the ‘Severe Cold Weather’ that we’ve had here in Toronto the past 5 days. It has been regularly -16C with the windchill in the daytime on a daily basis.

Called my alcoholic friend this morning. I’ll name him Bob to protect his identity. He as doing OK – but he mentioned that some sort of ‘tragedy’ happened that he wouldn’t go into detail about. Whatever – it’s probably something on the news that’s gotten him flustered

Sorry this is a stock photo. I couldn’t find any better one to visually explain Bob.

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