***NYD 2019*** 🇮🇳 #introvert # immigration #internationalstudents #selfemployed 💣

***NYD 2019***
— Read on youtu.be/y6cgec25xQc

God: I’m so fat in this Vid.

Thank God I am Self Employed now. I wouldn’t have been able to lose the weight I had if I had remained Employed by a Firm.

I didn’t go out to a bar for NYE b/c I d overspent my money the previous two weeks (on booze – b/c TORONTO SUCKS).

Hate how my hair is puffing out near my Sideburns! Short hair or clipped hair in that area suits me more. I was probably avoiding the Barber to save money (b/c of my previous overspending).

I remember in 2000 I was a Homebody listening to Bjork’s B-Sides and playing King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity.

When I was on that prescription medication given to me by the Court Psychiatrist, simple tasks like cleaning my apartment and doing my laundry BECAME DIFFICULT.

I also noticed there were too many South Asian young men on the bus. The Government is ‘selling out’ Toronto to India. It’s a terrible Silent Invasion of despicable Soft Power.


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