***TALKING ABOUT BEING AGAINST PHARMACEUTICALS*** 💊 📢 #startup #groupthink #punishment #immigration #internationalstudents #blacks #women

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I had made the Wrong Decision of handing out Biz Cards to Torontonians.

Toronto is a f*cked up City full of losers who are addicted and reliant on internet advertising.

These sh*theads probably want me to make a Website so they can view it before they call me.

F*cking pansies.

My Balance was only $800 because I had spent about $600 the past two weeks on booze – just to be able to handle the rejection of The Pathetic and/or Anti-White and/or Anti-Male and/or Non-English-Speaking Torontonians. I can’t believe I’m staying in this City: but I’m TRUE to following my Inner Intent and keeping my Haric Line healthy.

I’m kind of fat in this video because I had gained weight from a prescription medication I had taken for at least a year. I am wary of prescription medications now because twice in my life I have suffered serious side effects from taking them systemically. They have ranged from causing me Near Sightedness to Obesity to making my Mind into a dull M-U-S-H.

One of them bascially wiped out two years of my life that I will never get back.

Concerning my Businesses – I don’t want a business loan right now. My rule is that if i have a loan – I must have a plan to pay it back. I don’t have a plan, so I wouldn’t like a loan. I’m simply focused on my Website right now.

Any work being Self Employed – whether it be successful or not – is better than not doing any work and becoming an alcoholic!!! Thankfully going to the gym is no longer a trigger for going to the bar.

Thank you to DeviantArt for allowing me to use their photo for the thumbnail.



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