***CARDING B.S.*** 🚔 #black #identity #rowdy #bumptious #bumptiousness #rowdiness

***CARDING B.S.***
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Jan 3rd, 2019

I guess around this time I was still an ‘Active Alcoholic’. I suppose I’m an ‘Inactive Alcoholic’ now. I’m not drinking at all. It is important for me to abstain from booze because of my current low income. Secondarily, because of the addictiveness of it. Thirdly – things are so volatile in Toronto due to immigration that it’s somewhat DANGEROUS to drink at all…

I suppose in my ‘Active Alcoholic’ stage I was somewhat numb to the Triggeringness of The Paper. I wouldn’t dare voluntarily pick up that sh*t nowadays…

I’m focusing on race in this video because Toronto is full of systemic, institutionalize Anti-White racism that has been going around since the early 1990s.

The only reason people think that it’s the other way around and that it’s Black people who are the victim is because they have a tradition of being loud-mouthed, bumptious and rambunctious – and this behaviour attracts more attention. So basically my point is they have been upset over something that is make-believe.


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