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My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer (EH). Everyone has SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES (SEBs). They become damaged and infected – and I repair and clean them. The theory is: physical disease first appears in the SEBs and then with time and unintentional conflicts, it is transferred to your physical body.


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Jan 13th, 2019 (edited March 28th ‘19)

  • Rel.B means ‘RELATIONAL BODY’.
  • I touch upon chagrin – an amazing word!
  • ‘Hope you enjoy the music in the ‘Energetics of Disappointment’ Pic!!! XD

I’m wearing Gloves in the Vid bc I’ve been washing my hands compulsively for the past three months – and now I have some sort of psoriasis on them. The gloves protect them from the hand washing.

LOL – Don’t be concerned!!  Sorry for the tapping sound in the ‘Energtics of Humiliation’ piece.  I’ll learn how to make pictures using my iPAD (like more decent ones). I think I have an App for that!   BTW – unhealthy relationships are Internal Cognitive Distractions (ICDs). I may talk about ICDs in the future!

  • …Talking a lot about the HEF and your Inner Worlds (next time I’ll turn off camera flash).
  • …Touch upon Chakra Growth.


Sorry the video is kinda choppy. I spent the whole day almost editing it! It’s taken longer than usual to edit because I learned how to do a voice over a picture.

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Edited with iMovie and shot with a 5th Generation iPad.
I subscribe to Virgin Internet.
Thanks for watching! 😉

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‘That Spiritual Plant Guy’

👋Hey! 🙏 Thanks for coming to my Channel! Basically with this Channel I upload cool videos of my visiting Natural Areas in my hometown and talking about the Invasive and Native Plants there. I’m also an Energy Healer. I work out of my home. I live in West Hill. The Theory behind Energy Healing is that in the location you have current Physical Disease you also have a Chakra. Chakra 1 = Leg/Tailbone area Chakra 2 = Pelvic area Chakra 3 = Abdomen/Low Back Chakra 4 = Sternum/Mid Back Chakra 5 = Throat/Neck Chakra 6 = Forehead/Back of the Head/Hindbrain Chakra 7 = Cerebral Cortex What I do as an Energy Healer is I use my Hand Chakras and my Outer Attention to direct my Energy to heal your Chakras. When your Chakras become Infected and/or Damaged, that’s when they need healing. I have at least 17 years experience dealing with Subtle Energy. 🙏🏻 PLEASE: LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND DONATE! 💵

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