Jan. 18th, ‘19


So in this Vid, I’m talking about the HARIC LINE – possibly an introduction. I’ve finally been able to learn where I can get objects of ‘stick figures’ for use when drawing pictures of the INNER WORLDS, and thankfully Pages for iPad has them! They are called ‘shapes’ and ‘objects’. I used to use Microsoft Word, however I’m so poor right now I couldn’t afford to buy Word for my iPad, cuz they needed money in order to provide me with a basic service I needed.

I just want to remind you that UNINTENTIONAL CONFLICT notably damages the HUMAN ENERGY FIELD and leads it to being susceptible to ENERGETIC INFECTION. HARIC LINE ALIGNMENT prevents UNINTENTIONAL CONFLICT.

So I go into some nice detail about the purpose of my ENERGY HEALING. I touch upon the significant notion that your CORE STAR (your Soul – don’t be scared…) makes the ENERGY LEVELS in your HUMAN ENERGY FIELD (HEF-Ls) Eminent – the best they can be.


The CORE STAR is about Distinction. It’s about being Defined. The thing(s) that are unique to you about your Character – your Distinct Characteristics, are the most valuable assets to Other People (O.Ps)

So I go into detail about the RELATIONAL BODY and how an OVERCHARGED RelB might cause Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I go into detail about the INNER POTENTIALITIES and how they connect to the HEF-Ls.

I really would like to discover how to insert a Pages document into iMovie for iPad without have to make it an image (so you can see the whole image. I have an iPad 5th Generation.I learned after making the HARIC LINE Picture how to add text boxes in Pages. The Picture of the INNER POTENTIALITIES and HEF was rushed d/t the deadline. I’m upset with iMovie and them not having the option to add emoticons to videos, and the offering of different font sizes and colours (and maybe styles too).


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Edited with iMovie and shot with a 5th Generation iPad.
Thanks for watching! 😉

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