***MURISON WOODS (North of Milner Ave.) #Scarborough #Malvern #biodiversity

***MURISON WOODS (North of Milner Ave.)*** #Scarborough #Malvern #biodiversity
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May 5th, ‘19

**Word Of The Day: ‘swath’***

Ok. So I went to Murison Woods (MuW) N of Milner Ave recently. It was pretty good. I saw some ‘teepee’ that suppos-ed Survivalists made. Impressive biodiversity w MuW compared to Malvern Woods (MaW). I’ll discover where the microphone is on my iPad so I don’t inadvertently cover it while filming. LOL.

List Of Plants Here:



Jack-In-The-Pulpit (possible)

Solomon’s Seal

Wild Columbine (one)

Wild Sarsparilla (definitely)

Poison Ivy (Great Food Source for Animals and Birds)

Mayflower (possible)

Baneberry (maybe confused it with Wild Sarsparilla earlier)

#energyhealer #energyhealing

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