***THIRD CHAKRA EXERCISE*** #energyhealing #kundaliniyoga #energyhealer

***THIRD CHAKRA EXERCISE*** #energyhealing #kundaliniyoga #energyhealer
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Date: May 6th ‘19

On this day, I was exercising my 3rd Chakra (Inner Potentiality). The 3rd Inner Potentiality has two parts: A (Front of the Body) and B (Back of the Body). Chakra Cords (Inner Expectations) come from each Inner Potentiality to connect to the co-responding Inner Potentiality of the other (3A connects with 3A). Person A’s 3A Inner Potentiality connects to Person B’s 3A Inner Potentiality via 3A Inner Expectations (Chakra Cords). This exercise augments the 1st 3 Levels of Human Energy Field at the level of the 3rd Chakra.




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