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My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer (EH). Everyone has SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES (SEBs). They become damaged and infected – and I repair and clean them. The theory is: physical disease first appears in the SEBs and then with time and unintentional conflicts, it is transferred to your physical body.


DATE: Jul 16th, ‘19


I was living in MALVERN (a neighbourhood of Scarborough) 3 years ago and I noticed MALVERN WOODS was infested with DOG-STRANGLING VINE (DSV). It’s better now after I cleared a substantial amount of it.  Disgustingly, there was too much!!!

I used to walk to an Office Building along MILNER AVENUE and I noticed a beautiful WOODLAND from the road (this was in the Winter). Upon closer inspection (in the Summer), I noticed it was – like MALVERN WOODS – also infested with DSV. It’s no big deal: if I can do it – you can do it! Just pull it out! Destroy its flowers and seeds! Don’t spiritually give love to it. It’s not worth accepting. It has destroyed Eastern Scarborough’s biodiversity and should itself be destroyed!!!


I’m excited about collecting 1-3 BANEBERRY Berries and planting them in my Balcony Planter! I’m trustworthy with these seeds because I care a lot about BANEBERRY and want it to proliferate again in our WOODLANDS! Use common sense and don’t eat the berries! Bane = poison.

What was really nice about this WOOD that I ‘forgot’ to mention were the several small LADY FERNS dotted here-and-there. There’s only ONE small fern at MALVERN BRANCH of Highland Creek – Milner South.

You can help out by collecting some VIRGINIA berries in Late Summer/Early Fall and planting them along your walls/fences or on your balconies. 

So going back to the SUBTLE BODIES – regarding the INNER WORLD, the ODD Layers get Damaged and the EVEN Layers get Dirty.

Upon thought, the dirtiness and damage might be indicative of SELF-EFFACEMENT (SE), or BUMPTIOUSNESS (B). Here’s a thought/some brainstorming:

1st Level of HEF = ETHERIC BODY = Pathology =
– Bumptious (Gluttony: Junk Food/Addictive Substances/Overeating) or Self- Effacing (Self Harm/Starvation)

2nd Level of HEF = EMOTIONAL BODY = Pathology =
– Bumptious (manic) or Self-Effacing (depressive) Feelings

3rd Level of HEF = RATIONAL BODY = Pathology =
– Bumptious (manic) or Self-Effacing (depressive) Thoughts

4th Level of HEF = RELATIONAL BODY = Pathology =
– Bumptious (manic) or Self-Effacing (depressing) Behaviour
(as interpreted by TRUSTWORTHY ‘Others’ (people other than You)

5th Level of HEF = ETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY = Pathology =
– Bumptious (manic) or Self-Effacing (Depressing) Plans
(as interpreted by TRUSTWORTHY ‘Others’ (people other than You).

6th Level of HEF = CELESTIAL BODY = Pathology =
– Bumptious (manic/exaggerated) or Self-Effacing (Foreboding) Prayers

7th Level of HEF = KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY = Pathology =
– Arrogant/ Self-Effacing Beliefs about Yourself.

So with Energy Healing, what we are trying to do is to obtain Neutrality of the Human Energy Field Levels (HEF-Ls). I don’t mean to target people who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder: anyone can have manicness and depressiveness. There probably are gradients of manicness and depressiveness.  Look at me being compassionate!

Healthy 1st Level = Healthy Etheric Body = Absence of Allergies (Bumptiousness)/ Absence of Numbness (Self-Deprecation) (The physical body seems healthy to a normal person).




Healthy 5th Level = Healthy Etheric Template Body = Absence of Depressive/Manic Plans

Healthy 6th Level = Healthy CELESTIAL BODY= Absence of Depressing/Manic Prayers (as interpreted by TRUSTWORTHY Others)

Healthy 7th Level = Healthy KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY = Absence of Depressing/Manic Beliefs (as interpreted by Yourself via Critical Thinking – due to the seeping, deep, unmistakeable corruption infecting the whole World).

So just so I don’t GET MY ASS KICKED by those stupid, fucking highfaluting motherfuckers who have some degree in psychology: when you’re reading my material on ‘manic/depressive’ anything, mentally insert the word ‘possible’ infront of them. Thanks!!

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👋Hey! 🙏 Thanks for coming to my Channel! Basically with this Channel I upload cool videos of my visiting Natural Areas in my hometown and talking about the Invasive and Native Plants there. I’m also an Energy Healer. I work out of my home. I live in West Hill. The Theory behind Energy Healing is that in the location you have current Physical Disease you also have a Chakra. Chakra 1 = Leg/Tailbone area Chakra 2 = Pelvic area Chakra 3 = Abdomen/Low Back Chakra 4 = Sternum/Mid Back Chakra 5 = Throat/Neck Chakra 6 = Forehead/Back of the Head/Hindbrain Chakra 7 = Cerebral Cortex What I do as an Energy Healer is I use my Hand Chakras and my Outer Attention to direct my Energy to heal your Chakras. When your Chakras become Infected and/or Damaged, that’s when they need healing. I have at least 17 years experience dealing with Subtle Energy. 🙏🏻 PLEASE: LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND DONATE! 💵

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