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My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer (EH). Everyone has SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES (SEBs). They become damaged and infected – and I repair and clean them. The theory is: physical disease first appears in the SEBs and then with time and unintentional conflicts, it is transferred to your physical body.



DATE: July 24th ‘19

A nice ‘little’ park abutting the West Hill Creek…

Alright – so in this Vid, I revisit DEEKSHILL PARK again.

I should mention that pulling DOG-STRANGLING VINE (DSV) can cause your skin to crack. I have gotten a ‘fissure’ in my middle finger (lol). It hasn’t gotten infected and I’ve had it for several days. The skin on my index and middle finger of my dominant hand is dry and scaly. I suppose this is simply my immune system creating some type of defence against the ‘poisonous’ liquid that the DSV secretes, or maybe some type of gas it ejects when its damaged. I’ve gotten this ‘illness’ because I don’t have two pairs of ‘full gloves’ – gloves that cover your whole hand including the fingers. My other pair of gloves doesn’t cover the fingertips (which is why I have the problem on the middle and index fingers). It’s not a serious issue! I have been massaging around the fissure to increase the rate of healing, as well as doing some ‘lymphatic drainage’ of the middle finger to decrease some slight swelling and also for the same reason as the massage.

Anyways, a little bit of pain and ugliness don’t match for the tremendous gift of removing DSV and helping out the natural environment, biodiversity, and native species!!!

I had found a WILD CUCUMBER, which was exciting! Unfortunately it was so entangled amongst the DSV that it was pulled out with the DSV, however across the walkway there was another WILD CUCUMBER vine. Plus the roots of the extricated one will remain in the soil so it can sprout new sprouts!

I saw a raccoon that I have featured in this Vid! Nice treat! I remember there was one raccoon in MALVERN WOODS three years ago, but I haven’t seen it since! MALVERN WOODS is much better from the care and attention I gave it removing its DSV – although now I think it has too much AVENS 😦 . AVENS is easier to remove than DSV and it’s also not as much of an eyesore!

On thought – I am unhappy with the lack of CANADIAN MAYFLOWER in DEEKSHILL PARK. I understand it’s probably now there because any vestiges of it have been trampled by ignorant children and adolescents playing.

I think I also talk about Fashion in this episode! I had decided to wear a colourful green and blue Flannel Shirt to DEEKSHILL. I mentioned how when people are appropriately fashionable that it probably has a favourable psychological effect on its viewers. Seeing attractive things would heal the 6A CHAKRA and thus also heal the CELESTIAL BODY (because 6A supplies energy to the CELESTIAL BODY from the Universal Energy Field).

In addition, there is a ‘BUMPTIOUS PERSON’ (BP) who lives in a house that backs onto DEEKSHILL. They have two dogs that are undisciplined that bark almost constantly at people walking by, and also bark almost just as  much to be let in the house!!

I surmised that a Dog Park in there would be a good thing, given the fact that probably dogs running wild in the PARK has contributed to the DEGRADATION DEGRADATION DEGRADATION (repeated on purpose) of the natural flora.


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👋Hey! 🙏 Thanks for coming to my Channel! Basically with this Channel I upload cool videos of my visiting Natural Areas in my hometown and talking about the Invasive and Native Plants there. I’m also an Energy Healer. I work out of my home. I live in West Hill. The Theory behind Energy Healing is that in the location you have current Physical Disease you also have a Chakra. Chakra 1 = Leg/Tailbone area Chakra 2 = Pelvic area Chakra 3 = Abdomen/Low Back Chakra 4 = Sternum/Mid Back Chakra 5 = Throat/Neck Chakra 6 = Forehead/Back of the Head/Hindbrain Chakra 7 = Cerebral Cortex What I do as an Energy Healer is I use my Hand Chakras and my Outer Attention to direct my Energy to heal your Chakras. When your Chakras become Infected and/or Damaged, that’s when they need healing. I have at least 17 years experience dealing with Subtle Energy. 🙏🏻 PLEASE: LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND DONATE! 💵

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