DATE: Aug. 1st, ‘19.

Alrighty (then)! So here I am again at DEEKSHILL/DEEKS HILL PARK!!!

I presume I might be in some type of love with this Park, because I have thought about several things that should be done to improve it!

– Make paths clearer/more obvious (maybe put down fresh Wood Chips and/or make a fence on either side of the trail/path.

– Create designated/official ‘People/Dog Friendly Areas’.

‘People Friendly’ area: A clearing in the woodland, Wood Chips to make it look pretty. Fence around it.

A Dog Park: Just a sturdy-fenced-off-area (LOL: my use of hyphens!!!)

Creating these designated People/Dog Friendly areas will ensure that people/dogs will be less likely to damage Plant Life. I’m not saying People are much like dogs. My point is that both will be ‘corralled’ by a fence. No, I’m not saying both are like cows. Ugh!!! SMH.

I’m really ‘dreading’ everything becoming SUPER DRY.

LOL – it’s Aug 3rd when I’m editing this and I *DID* take my Tripod out today. I was able to successfully detach the ‘Claw’ from the Base, however when I tried putting the Two back together – Umm, I’m not confident they are FULLY together. I will look at it tomorrow!!

12:40 – I have to mention: This is SO true! Today when I was elsewhere, the most biodiverse place was the border of the dirt trail (Malvern Branch of the Highland Creek Milner-North).

14:14 – My point was that if I had accepted the creepiness of the Predatory Bird, then that would mean I’d be likely to accept the creepiness of humans. Accepting creepy behaviour from humans can be dangerous – because creepiness indicates an Insalubrious Relational Body.

CAVEAT:  Just so I’m not ‘roasted’: it’s not ‘Manse Creek’ it’s West Hill Creek that runs through the park.




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Edited with iMovie and shot with a 5th Generation iPad.
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