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My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer (EH). Everyone has SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES (SEBs). They become damaged and infected – and I repair and clean them. The theory is: physical disease first appears in the SEBs and then with time and unintentional conflicts, it is transferred to your physical body.



DATE: Aug 18th, ‘19.



LOL: So I guess I’m INADVERTENTLY exploring the HIGHLAND CREEK’s Tributaries! It’s quite fun!! I’m looking forward to exploring the MARKHAM BRANCH south of the 401 (‘Big Highway’ for people not from Toronto).

I presume that SCARBOROUGH was badly planned – because it’s too big for itself! Thankfully it is somewhat divided into different neighbourhoods!

So – I also presume that the reason they built the DON VALLEY Parkway Rosedale Valley Road, and Bayview Avenue through the DON VALLEY was because they didn’t care (EMOTIONAL BODY: EmB) about Nature at that time because they believed (KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODY) that Nature should be mistreated for selfish gain [exploitation] (RELATIONAL BODY- Detrimental Behaviour).


I conclude this Unfavourable Belief (I-HUB) infected their Rational Body via HARMONIC INDUCTION (HI) and then gave them the INNER THOUGHTS that lead to their INNER FEELINGS of not caring about Nature.

ENJOY THE FREE INFORMATION IN THIS VID.  Again – Stress just might be a HUGE upcoming Issue. People shouldn’t scoff at the Subject of Stress because – fundamentally – it may be what causes you to get acutely sick (cold, flu etc.) in the first place.  Stress causes the PHYSICAL BODY to create cortisol, and when it’s doing that, the immune system has ‘shut down’.

It’s only Corrupt *ssholes who scoff at the Subject of Stress. They probably only see you as their servile slave, THINKING OF EXPLOITING YOU UNTIL YOU DIE…

Much thanks to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority for providing publicly a really good map of the HIGHLAND CREEK WATERSHED – so we know what its different tributaries are called!

I know it might be interpreted as somewhat weird that I love Baneberry so much, however:

  • It’s red berries are beautiful-looking
  • It’s leave are pretty
  • It’s flowers are dainty and pretty
  • It’s rarer than Jack-In-The-Pulpit (JITP)

I saw a Great Blue Heron!

I prefer to call these tributaries ‘creeks’ instead of ‘branches’.

FYI: Don’t eat:

  • Wild Cucumber Pods
  • Baneberry Berries
  • JITP Berries
  • Virginia Creeper Berries
  • Solomon’s Seal Berries

They’re all toxic to humans. They’re basically food for the birds and animals!

LOL – I was so impressed with McDairmid Wood’s Park (before I actually ‘inspected’ it). I was so looking forward to seeing some Baneberry.


Even though Ragweed (R) and Beggar’s Tick are beautiful Native Plants here, R is invasive in Central Europe and BT is invasive in New Zealand. Neither have the proper predators (birds and animals that eat them) in those countries. Anyway – if the predators were introduced, they themselves might also become invasive species. The best bet is to just really pull out the Central Europe Ragweed and the New Zealand Beggar’s Tick by hand!

I highly recommend to wear Latex/Plastic gloves when pulling DSV. Otherwise you will probably get really irritating dermatitis (the epidermis on your hands will start to peel, it will be painful when you dry your hands after washing them, they will look unsightly red).

McDAIRMID WOOD’s may have been my first ‘taste’ of experiencing Invasive Trees and Bushes. I did notice that there were too many saplings there. On the Forest Floor, and also some type of ugly shrub here-and-there.

LOL- Sorry for the Rave Music being so loud at McDairmid Woods Park (MDWP), but by then my Headphones had completely broke and were unusable. They were only $40.00 (compared to seemingly better quality ones at $120.00), and I had had them for several months already.



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👋Hey! 🙏 Thanks for coming to my Channel! Basically with this Channel I upload cool videos of my visiting Natural Areas in my hometown and talking about the Invasive and Native Plants there. I’m also an Energy Healer. I work out of my home. I live in West Hill. The Theory behind Energy Healing is that in the location you have current Physical Disease you also have a Chakra. Chakra 1 = Leg/Tailbone area Chakra 2 = Pelvic area Chakra 3 = Abdomen/Low Back Chakra 4 = Sternum/Mid Back Chakra 5 = Throat/Neck Chakra 6 = Forehead/Back of the Head/Hindbrain Chakra 7 = Cerebral Cortex What I do as an Energy Healer is I use my Hand Chakras and my Outer Attention to direct my Energy to heal your Chakras. When your Chakras become Infected and/or Damaged, that’s when they need healing. I have at least 17 years experience dealing with Subtle Energy. 🙏🏻 PLEASE: LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND DONATE! 💵

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