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THANKS FOR JOINING ME! TODAY I DEMONSTRATE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF CLEANING YOUR FOOTWEAR! FOOTWEAR CAN GET DISGUSTING FOR OBVIOUS REASONS: THE MAIN ONE BEING GRAVITY SO EVERYTHING BAD JUST FALLS TO THE GROUND AND STAYS THERE. Then you pick the bad stuff up with your shoes (like bacteria and viruses) and they stay on your shoes until you clean them. Also – enegetically – the 1st Chakra (Inner Potentiality 1) is connected to your feet. If you wear dirty shoes, then your first Chakra will be dirty (I’m talking about shoes that have been dirty for a while – not freshly dirtied shoes from doing construction work etc.

So in this Vid I also demonstrate how to properly clean boots by using the correct dilution amount. If there wasn’t a correct dilution amount, the company wouldn’t have put it on the label! As you can see, it actually wasn’t easy…


Thanks to Metapho App for letting me keep track of the recording date of my Vids. A huge shout out to Lumafusion for providing superior quality editing than iMovie! Thanks to Adobe Spark Post for helping me create my Thumbnails!!







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πŸ‘‹Hey! πŸ™ Thanks for coming to my Channel! Basically with this Channel I upload cool videos of my visiting Natural Areas in my hometown and talking about the Invasive and Native Plants there. I’m also an Energy Healer. I work out of my home. I live in West Hill. The Theory behind Energy Healing is that in the location you have current Physical Disease you also have a Chakra. Chakra 1 = Leg/Tailbone area Chakra 2 = Pelvic area Chakra 3 = Abdomen/Low Back Chakra 4 = Sternum/Mid Back Chakra 5 = Throat/Neck Chakra 6 = Forehead/Back of the Head/Hindbrain Chakra 7 = Cerebral Cortex What I do as an Energy Healer is I use my Hand Chakras and my Outer Attention to direct my Energy to heal your Chakras. When your Chakras become Infected and/or Damaged, that’s when they need healing. I have at least 17 years experience dealing with Subtle Energy. πŸ™πŸ» PLEASE: LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND DONATE! πŸ’΅

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