***OVERCHARGED KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODIES*** #intention #relationships #conflict

***OVERCHARGED KETHERIC TEMPLATE BODIES*** #intention #relationships #conflict
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Jan. 19th ‘19

Hey B*tches!!!

(Remember: it’s my way of showing my Authority).

Did you miss me? I hope you didn’t, cuz that would be WEIRD.

Anyways, I talk much about the dear ‘ol Haric Line in this Vid. Remember: your Haric Line is your Deeper Inner World (D.I.W). It’s your Intentionality Dimension. Following your Inner Intent smooths out your Inner Expectations (Chakra Cords) and prevents Sullying of your Human Energy Field Levels (HEF-Ls).

Sorry fo the recording being so loud at some points. I’m just learning how to record excellently…

It didn’t sound fuzzy in iMovie. I guess YouTube’s Conversion Thingie isn’t perfect. Who knew? 😝

Anyway, thanks to YT for still uploading this even though it’s 36 seconds over 15 mins. I’ll ensure to watch the time before I export it next time.

The more you focus your Outer Attention (OA) on Excellence, the closer to Death you will get, Because the further away your OA will be from the Earth. This is for people who are always trying to Strive for excellence all the time. Do you know how jealous you are making the people around you? They probably want to k*ll you! Not only that, Striving for excellence makes your Relational Body brittle and pitchy.

Let’s be clear: An Insalubrious HEF-L is basically: i) dirty ii) damaged.

Again, an IP-Thrust of an Inner Potentiality causes the linked HEF-L of that IP to become Insalubrious.

I’m coughing so much b/c of all the Bedbug/Cockroach powder in my apartment, and plus my Throat is trying to get rid of crap that was stuck there for awhile. I have been doing much neck exercises, and they’ve increased the ‘aliveness’ of my neck/throat.

I may redo the diagram in better format later (DEADLINE!!!)

Thank you so much Pixabay.com for the beautiful free stock photos!!!

‘Social tension is bad’: a more fitting word would be ‘disadvantageous’.


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***DETAIL ABOUT THE HARIC LINE*** #energyhealing #energyhealer #success #improvement

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Jan. 18th, ‘19

Hey B*tches!!!

(I use the term B*tches to refer to you as a way to assert my Authority. It’s not meant to demean you).

What’s up? Thank you for clicking on my Vid and visiting me.

So in this Vid, I’m talking about the Haric LIne – possibly an introduction. I’ve finally been able to learn where I can get objects of ‘stick figures’ for use when drawing pictures of the Inner Worlds, and thankfully Pages for iPad has them! They are called ‘shapes’ and ‘objects’. I used to use Microsoft Word, however I’m so poor right now I couldn’t afford to buy Word for my iPad, cuz they needed money in order to provide me with a basic service I needed.

I spent hour editing this Vid. I got antsy around talking about the Higher Levels. LOL LOL…fidgety LOL and catty with my ‘Thanks!’. Haha!

I just want to remind you that Unintentional Conflict really damages the Human Energy Field and leads it to being susceptible to Energetic Infection. Haric Line Alignment prevents Unintentional Conflict.

So I go into some nice detail about the Point of my Energy Healing. I touch upon the significant notion that your Core Star (your Soul – don’t be scared…) makes the Energy Levels in your Human Energy Field (HEF-Ls) Eminent – the best they can be.

The Core Star is about Distinction. It’s about being Defined. The thing(s) that are unique to you about your Character – your Distinct Characteristics, are the most valuable assets to Others (just giving you an Idea for Self-Employment).

I really have to discover how to insert a Pages document into iMovie for iPad without have to make it an image (so you can see the whole image).

I have an iPad 5th Generation.

So I go into detail about the Relational Body and how an Overcharged RelB might cause Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I learned after making the Haric Line Picture how to add text boxes in Pages. The Picture of the Inner Potentialities and HEF was rushed d/t the deadline.

I go into detail about the Inner Potentialities and how they connect to the HEF-Ls.

I’m ‘really upset’ with iMovie and them not having the option to add emoticons to videos, and the offering of different font sizes and colours (and maybe styles too).


#energyhealing #energyhealer #success #improvement

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***LOQUACIOUS MAN AT THE GYM*** #humanenergyfield #chakras #chakracords #society #relationships #interpersonal

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Jan 17th ‘19

– Was going to the gym doing high impact cardio on the elliptical (2hrs High Resistance). It was either the elliptical or NUTHIN’! Where am I supposed to get the discipline to use the treadmill? PFFT!!! 😆

These annoying guys…

(Hold up! This reminds me of one of the BITCHIEST women I have ever met in my life! She was a ‘professor’ at my community college where I studied massage therapy. In one of her BITCHMOODS when I first began going to that school (and didn’t know her), I thought it would have been OK to send her an email saying that she offended me in some way due to her attitude. She responded back with some defensive bullshit turning it around at me saying it was my choice or some crap like that to have felt offended, or even worse she may have been sly and like said I was misinterpreting. DUPLICITY!)

…were regularly at the gym at the same time as me. So I presume…

(and DON’T be like one of those crusty male Professors who try and lambast people for just presuming. To presume things is normal. Presuming things might even be a sign of intelligence. JEZUS!!)

…his 4B was also Overcharged because if people keep talking, they are trying to go after what they want in life too strongly. This makes their Relational Body Insalubrious, causing the Relational Bodies of the people around them to become Insalubrious, making them have bad feelings about these guys (Harmonic Induction from Relational Body to Emotional Body of the victim).

Having an Insalubrious Relational Body automatically Inadvertently causes Social Tension. Social Tension causes people to feel stressed out, thus lowering their immune system and making them susceptible to infections.

Trying to get too much attention from others means their Energetic Connection to Earth is Weak or Disconnected. If the Connection was strong, they wouldn’t feel the need to keep doing things (inadvertently) to get attention they don’t deserve – from others.


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***A WHITE GUY LIVING WITH 4 BLACK REFUGEES FROM AFRICA*** #diversity #relationalbody #interpersonal #stress #humanenergyfield
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Jan 25th, ‘19

…Talking about Chakra Cord (Inner Expectation) Interactions again.

Yeah, I don’t know what to do about the text at 1:09 being so kinda blurred. I’m sure there’s some way to import a document for display on iMovie for iOS. I may look into it.

Remember your Inner Worlds (IWs) are your Inner Potentialities (IPs) and Human Energy Field (HEF) {Deep Inner World}, your Haric Line {Deeper Inner World}, and your Core Star {Deepest Inner World).

For some reason I chose to talk about my plight.

I mention this Religious Extremist ‘The Afghan’ because he was very patriotic about his Afghan ethnicity. He’d actually be pleased at being called that.

The text at 3:55 looked clear before YouTube converted it during the normal conversion process of uploading. Poor YouTube.

So in these houses I display, I should tell you I was only renting a room at those places.

At 6:32 – sorry for the text being white, however iMovie seems limited and doesn’t allow a variety of colours for text (I think black would have stood out more, along with it being bold, and maybe even a fancier font).

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***CHAKRA CORD INTERACTIONS*** #humanenergyfield #chakras #chakracords #socializing #expectations

***CHAKRA CORD INTERACTIONS*** #humanenergyfield #chakras #chakracords #socializing #expectations
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It’s Will here and I’m talking more about Chakra Cords (CCs) in this Vid. Chakra Cords are your Inner Expectations. Inner means separate from your ‘ ‘Conscious’ Attention’ , I like to call it ‘Outer Attention (OA)’.

So we have 7 Main Chakras (Inner Potentialities <IPs>) and each have CCs connected them to the Outside World (everything outside yourself. I’m not willing to debate this. G.f.y.s).

IP1 Connects you to the Earth. It’s. CCs (Inner Expectations <IEs>) are about how you Expect the Earth to Seem.

IP2A Connects you to Another Person’s 2A IP. It’s IEs are your Expectations of how the Other Person will Sensualize.

IP3A Connects you to Another Person’s 3A IP. It’s IEs are your Expectations of how the Other Person will Seem in general (linked to their Sense of Self).

IP4A Connects you to Another Person’s 4A IP. It’s IEs are your Expectations of what the Other Person will Give.

IP5A Connects you to Another Person’s 5A IP. It’s IEs are your Expectations of what the Other Person will Create.

IP6A Connects you to Another Person’s 6A IP. It’s IEs are your Expectations of what the Other Person will Conceptualize (their Ideas).

IP7 Connects you to a Deity or Deities. Its IEs are your Expectations of how the Deity or Deities will Seem.

IEs can Thrust Inwards or Outwards, indicating an Energetic Pathology.

A Salubrious IE doesn’t Thrust Inwards or Outwards in response to Another Person’s IP, it only connects in a steady manner (maybe cautiously if the Other Person’s IP is Affected).

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***WHITE GANGSTA TALKS ABOUT THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD***. #humanenergyfield #chakras #intentionality #soul

*WHITE GANGSTA TALKS ABUT THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD*** #humanenergyfield #chakras #intentionality #soul
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Jan. 15th ‘19

Hey B*tches, the Inner Worlds (IWs) are significant because knowing about them can better help you understand what is going on in your life.

***WHITE SUFFERING*** #timhortons #diversity #equalopportunity #employmentequity #affirmativeaction #reverseracism

***WHITE SUFFERING*** #timhortons #diversity #equalopportunity #employmentequity #affirmativeaction
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Jan 15th, 2019

So this Vid is of me objecting to the anti-White BS in Toronto (and maybe the rest of Canada). I’m of the age now where I should be self-employed. Anyways, when people reach 30, they have gained enough Worldy experience to start and maintain their own business for the rest of their lives. I have to mention that the Destitute White Man on the Subway smelled of ‘ketones’. I just read that ketosis is a symptom of Diabetes. Alcoholism can cause Diabetes. I presumed the man smelled like this because he was an alcoholic. I’m going to take the noble role and focus on WHY he was an alcoholic. This doesn’t also mean justifying the alcoholism, but actually acknowledging the Actual Reason for the alcoholism. In this instance I believe that this man is an alcohlic because of his difficulty getting employment in Toronto due to the actual anti-White and anti-male Institutional/Systemic Racism supported by the Government (I’m just stating the obvious, White Elites are just harming themselves by denying it) and of living in a Rooming House with non-Whites (and maybe Females).

Just today in my Apartment Building, all the guys who were vacating old apartments were East Asian. That doesn’t represent Diversity. What would represent Diversity would be there to be a mix of races working for the same Firm that is doing the work of vacating the apartments.

The same thing with the Cleaners and Superintendents employed by the Building. They are all South Asian. What would better represent Diversity would be a mix of races, not just South Asian.

The same thing happened with all the guys who were updating the TV fibre optic system in the Building.

Diversity seems to be an Anti-White sham.

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