“Children’s Aid Society Has First Black CEO”

— Read on youtu.be/dCoCPRUiv2o

Nov. 15 2018

Touching upon a Star Metro Toronto post. This was before I was self-employed. Also, a critique of a blurb in Star Metro Toronto about Blackness. Talking about evading responsibility by changing the subject to ‘racism’ and attacking someone for being ‘racist’.

Also what ‘gets’ me is the spelling of Children’s in the ACTUAL title of the organization. In this context, the Society would be providing services to ALL children: so it should be spelt ‘Childrens’’, NOT ‘Children’s’. SMH.

And no: I’m not a pedophile!




So I sit here on my comfy couch – better than sitting on the floor! (I used to sit on the floor of my room at Jane and Steeles all the time…). :). Listening to some rock music my phone is playing (I like Nirvana and Nickleback, Staind, and 3 Doors Down).

The fire alarm is going off in my building. I assume it was some drug deal gone bad. I presume the drug dealer just pulls the fire alarm in retaliation before he leaves. In the building I lived in before this one, the fire alarm would be pulled by vigilantes at least once a week. The fire department at that complex even wrote a letter to the whole apartment building saying if they find out who was behind the alarms being pulled – they would press charges.

I’m drinking Black Tea right now. Apparently it has 10 health benefits. Let me see if I can dredge up the link and insert it here: https://bit.ly/2N7oZzl

My cord to my phone connecting it to the charger just came lose and fell off my couch. :(. I don’t want to get up and fix it……….Ok fixed!

The skin over the knuckles of my fingers of my right hand is swollen and cracked. I assume it’s from frostbite because my left hand doesn’t have the same problem, and I’m right handed. I surmise it’s from putting up my biz cards in bus shelters during the ‘Severe Cold Weather’ that we’ve had here in my big city in the past 5 days. It has been regularly -16C with the windchill in the daytime.

Called my alcoholic friend this morning. I’ll name him Bob to protect his identity. He is doing OK – but he mentioned that some sort of ‘tragedy’ happened that he wouldn’t go into detail about. Whatever – it’s probably something on the news that’s gotten him flustered. He likes to watch the news constantly – but it just causes him to get flustered and overly emotional.

Sorry this is a stock photo. I couldn’t find any better one to visually explain Bob.



So I just had two bowls of the pasta I made yesterday. They were enjoyable. It included eggplant that I got from the Food Bank.(I go to the Food Bank once a week because otherwise I won’t be motivated enough to cook dinner for myself. Getting random ingredients given to me compels me to think about what I can make with them – and then I end up cooking!!!). I myself would have never bought eggplant from the store because it is so hard with which to cook.

Intended on going to the gym for two hours today, but after an hour and 20 mins on the elliptical I began to feel hungry so I stopped the work out. Within Human Energy Field (HEF or Aura) theory, the 1st Level (Etheric Template) of the Aura is linked to your feelings of hunger, cold/hot, pain, pleasure, discomfort etc. So by noticing that feeling of hunger (with my Outer Mind), and by respecting it (by stopping the work-out), I would have improved the 1st Level of my HEF.

It’s been BITTERLY cold this evening. PAINFULLY cold on the walk from the bus stop to my apartment building. LEMME see the windchill…Yeah the weather report says it ‘feels like’ -30…



So I’m sitting here on my couch – AGAIN!!! The only other two places to sit in my apartment are on my bed or on the rug on the floor. Just finished making dinner, AND I’M EXHAUSTED! Got up at 7am-8am this morning and been going NON-STOP! I guess that’s the price you have to pay to earn a living…

I made eggplant, Brussels Sprouts, and mushroom pasta with salt, pepper, oregano and some type of suedo Parmesan. I’m happy about the vitamins and minerals in the pasta. I boil my Brussels sprouts because that’s what I was taught. I sautéed the eggplant and the mushrooms.

My regular Scotch tape is working today when I put up my biz card. I got a call today about my Massage service. At least I’m getting calls!!!



It was FREEZING in Toronto today. I took my Smartphone out to videotape something outside for less than 3 MINUTES and the fingers holding my phone froze.

The roads are all crusty with packed snow.

I was unhappy because I thought all the biz cards of mine I taped up in bus shelters stopped adhering to their glass walls and then fell to the ground.

I’m not crazy about putting up my business cards – it’s only one per bus shelter.

I was very worried about my normal Scotch tape not working in this weather that I went to Canadian Tire and bought some heavy-duty looking clear tape. It was $8. The Scotch tape is like $2. When I got outside I tested the new tape, but it didn’t seem to be sticky (I guess something to do with how cold it was?!). I tested it inside in warm temperature and it WAS sticky. (Update: I had to return that pricey Clear Tape. I got a Gift Card of the same amount for the return. They wouldn’t reimburse me, but ‘Oh Well!’).

I saw one of my old biz cards in the bus shelter near my gym tonight – and I was surprised it was still sticking to the wall (because it was with regular Scotch tape). I then tested it, and then it stopped sticking. I then I put it in my bag.

I’m uneasy about this weather. I need a cold weather tape. I Googled for that type of tape and found one called ‘Frost King’ clear plastic Weatherall tape. (https://amzn.to/2FWdmut)

There’s this dipshit who lives down the hall from me. He’s gotten a new dog. It barks NON-STOP. I’ve already called the authorities on him and they said it will take several days to resolve or respond to the issue. The dog probably sits in the entranceway of his apartment, and barks TOWARDS THE DOOR. I’m like 9 APARTMENTS away from him. I am not close to his door, and I can hear the dog CLEARLY. It is LOUD. Who the fuck gets a dog that is an incessant barker? It doesn’t help that this is probably a normal size dog (not a toy dog). The guy who lives there looks like a crackhead. Crackheads have a certain “look” to them. They are usually skinny. They usually have sunken cheeks or bony looking faces. This goes for ex-crackheads too. Basically a crackhead is anyone who does crack or has done crack. I’m not being specific here and I know I’ll be roasted for it – but GET OFF THE CRACK and gain some weight! If it’s too difficult for you to get off the crack, then figure out what triggers you to do it and remove the triggers, or stay away from the triggers. Also, try becoming politically active – because the reason you’re addicted may be because there is something political that’s pissing you off and you’re just denying that it’s pissing you off and then you take a hit. Healthy fats like nuts: pistachios and cashews.

So I searched where I can find this tape in my city, and apparently I could get it at Home Depot. Lowes, or Walmart. I may just return the supposed ‘better’ tape I bought today for a refund. If it’s not going to work in cold weather – it won’t be useful until April. I can’t wait 2 whole months for tape.

(Update: I’m editing this on March 5th ’19 and I am now using black Gorilla Tape from Lowes. It seems to be the best tape for my need). At the moment I am focusing more on building my Website for Energy Healing and Massage. I’ve temporarily stopped putting up my Biz Cards in bus shelters because I think people are too dumb and stupid to call the number written on them). Instead I have been going Door-to-Door and dropping my Biz Card into each mailbox of each house (actually visiting the Front Door of a house and having a Sales Pitch made me become an alcoholic…SO THAT’S OUT OF THE PICTURE). I think Torontonians have lost the ability to communicate face-to-face and only really trust and rely on Social Media and Websites to initiate communication.And don’t EVEN get me started on the White People who answer the door. The amount of Self-Hatred that White People have for their own race in Toronto is staggering. You can thank the Toronto Star for that…)



So I just made myself my first meal in several years. I call it so because it’s like: rice, potatoes, carrots and onion. The potatoes were sautéed with rosemary and chopped garlic – same for the carrots and onion (well, kind of steamed afterwards). The rice is jasmine rice (i was supposed to buy basmati – but OH WELL) infused with herby cream cheese. I also added (I think) ranch dressing to it. It’s PRETTY GOOD.

I guess I haven’t had an *actual* meal in so long because of my work schedule – and before that my addiction to whiskey, and before that: respiridone.



Sitting here eating my crappy dinner I just made. The carrots are too crunchy – but I haven’t cooked anything like this for 3 years – such is a life of poverty. I used to be content at just cracking open a can of peas, adding creamy salad dressing to it – and eating it. Now, possibly ironically, the food from the Food Bank has gotten me cooking. They gave me carrots and onions and potatoes, so I looked up how to sauté potatoes and got an adequate video by Gordon Ramsay. When I was living at Jane Street, I wouldn’t have been able to cook. The people with whom I lived disgusted me too much that I couldn’t even cook in the kitchen! (And I don’t want any of you FUCKERS to come to me and say that I shouldn’t be disgusted by certain people. FUCK YOU and your stupid view of LOVING everyone UNCONDITIONALLY. What a load of crap that is!!! And don’t even change the subject to some shitty personal attack and say I’m being too emotional).

I also wanted to add the carrots and the onions to the potatoes. Initially I wanted to sauté all of them together, but my pan wasn’t big enough (there were a lot of potatoes). It called for olive oil, but all I had was vegetable oil. I skipped the tablespoon or so of butter with the potatoes, but I bought the rosemary. I forgot to chop the rosemary, but overall the potatoes are tasty. I simply cut up the onion, cut up the carrots somewhat (after cleaning them), and then sautéed them together in the same pan the potatoes were in. I added salt and pepper to both the potatoes and the other veggies. It seems like the dish is missing something. Originally I had thought of putting the stuff on toast with herby cream cheese – but I forgot about that and the carrots are too big and crunchy anyways to enjoy with toast. The hardness of the carrots would DESTROY the toast!

I’ve had too many carrots today anyways. I buy baby carrots from the grocery store and then partition them into sandwich bags. There is usually too many carrots per bag. What happened today was I ate a whole bag of carrots and then of course had stomach pain. Whatever. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have more self control. I thought of putting less carrots in a bag and replacing the half of carrots with celery – since I eat celery and carrots daily. Carrots are good for eye health and celery – well, celery is a vegetable so it’s obviously good for you. More specifically it has fibre. Dieticians are CRAZY about fibre.