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OK – so in this Snippet I mention Noxious Mobile I-HUBs (N-M[I-HUB]). The purpose of mentioning them is to help you Create What You Want In Life (CWYWIL), because the main way these are transferred is via speaking, which originates from your 5th Chakra. Creating what you want in life is the Function of the 5th Chakra.

The more (N-M[I-HUB])s you emit from your 5th Chakra, the less likely you will be able to create what you want in life, because you will be harming the External World by emitting them.

(N-M[I-HUB])s stem from static I-HUBs, which are Inner Harmful Untrue Beliefs. Too often in Canada, elites have overused words related to Believing in order to condemn whoever has done the Believing.

I prefer to take maybe a more objective look at Beliefs and categorize them into Favourable True Notions (FTNs), Unfavourable Untrue Notions (UUNs), and Favourable Untrue Notions FUntNs.

We all may know that the goal is FTNs, however External Cognitive Distractions (ECDs) in your environment (External World) and your own Stress (Each Level of the Human Energy Field has its own Stress) prevent you from creating FTNs from UUNs and FUntNs.

The easiest way to engender the creation of FTNs for yourself is to work on your 7th Chakra. This will potentialize it for the actual creation of FTNs, which should occur by you 1) Proactively avoiding Inadvertent Conflict, and 2) Analyzing your own Inner Thoughts yourself, because they stem from your Inner Beliefs. So changing your Inner Thoughts via Rationalizing (by yourself) will then indirectly change the Belief for the better.

I suppose the more (N-M[I-HUB])s you emit, the more chances you will have of being involved in Inadvertent Conflict, because (N-M[I-HUB])s will stick to things in your Environment and the people who come in contact with them will then probably have their own I-HUBs activated, and when a UUN or FUntN is activated, the persons inadvertent behaviour becomes deleterious (harmful), predisposing the situation to become an Inadvertent Conflict.


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Legitimatize Rooming Houses by removing the City By-Law against them and maybe licensing them (if the Licence is not harsh yet firm). Probably someone who makes minimum wage full time cannot even afford a simple Bachelor Apartment in the city themselves❗️ So they go on Kijiji or Craigslist and search for homeowners willing to rent out one of their bedrooms for monthly cash. What has happened in the past is the homeowner has gotten into some type of trouble and has had to sell the house. This is bad for everyone. If the homeowner had some type of protection under a kind of Rooming House Licensing Agreement, then everyone would benefit❗️

SUPPORT THE GREY SQUIRREL CULL IN THE BRITISH ISLES (and British Columbia/ Western USA). Just because they’re cute doesn’t mean they haven’t destroyed England’s Natural Environment already for the past 50 years or so.




When dealing with something as bad as an Invasive Species, you should use your Rationality with your Intent. Remember that the Eastern Grey Squirrel *IS* native to Toronto and the rest of the Southern Ontario, Quebec, maybe the Maritimes, and definitely the North-Eastern USA. Therefore, treat it with kindness in its native habitat!!







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My name is William and I’m an Energy Healer (EH). Everyone has SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES (SEBs). They become damaged and infected – and I repair and clean them. The theory is: physical disease first appears in the SEBs and then with time and unintentional conflicts, it is transferred to your physical body.



Date: May 1st ‘19

So I was milling about in my kitchen, filming me complaining about all the things you have to do to get ready for a pest control extermination (bed bugs). I decided to not upload that because no one actually would like to watch a video of someone complaining. I do more than enough in my apartment to control bed bugs, and the Exterminators were only called because I had complained to my property manager in the past, and they had only gotten around to it now.

So when I was filming, I was listening to YouTube Music (wondeful!). There was this nice song from Linkin Park. I believe it was ‘Crawling’. The nice part is the ‘melodicness’ of it. Melody is linked to the Celestial Dimension (External World), which is the same Frequency as the CELESTIAL BODY, which is the 6th level of your Human Energy Field. It’s 6th in distance from your physical body.

In the Summer of 2018, someone told me the Lead Singer of Linkin Park had committed suicide. Even then, I think the song that was playing that brought this up was ‘Crawling’.

So time went by, and I began to presume that he took his life because he was Overwhelmed (energetically) by being obligated to sing songs with such sad lyrics, and frequently. If you want me to be specific, these sad songs are: ‘In The End’, ‘Crawling’, and ‘What I’ve Done’. I remember checking Linkin Park’s website a few years ago and seeing that they were going on tour often too!

To break this down, my theory is that within a song, the lyrics might be governed by the 7th CHAKRA and the melody the 6th CHAKRA.

In the case of a Singer who is obligated to sing sad songs often, I recommend that they do 7th CHAKRA Exercises regularly, to strengthen it against the unfavourability of the sad lyrics.

So in Mr. Bennington’s case, I suppose his 7th CHAKRA was INSALUBRIOUS to the extent that it led him to commit suicide. It probably wasn’t only his INSALUBRIOUS 7th CHAKRA that led to him to do it. It was probably that, and the fact that it would have been the same day as his late best friend Chris Cornell’s birthday.

Mr. Cornell passed away in May 2017. Mr. Bennington took his own life later in July.

I presume that the Friendship was maintained and/or established based on a ‘Negative Contract’. A Negative Contract is a Relationship based on I-HUBs (Internal Harmful Untrue Beliefs). I don’t mean to patronize Mr. Bennington, however if his 7th CHAKRA was INSALUBRIOUS, then he would have easily fallen into the trap of a Negative Contract.

Negative Contracts can be perceived with HighSense Perception, in the form of INSALUBRIOUS/DELETERIOUS CHAKRA CORD Interactions. CHAKRA CORDS are your Inner Expectations. I say ‘Inner’, because they arise from your Inner Potentialities (your CHAKRAS). Your CHAKRAS are part of your Inner World (your Human Energy Field).

With my High Sense Perception, I may perceive that Mr. Bennington had an Overcharged 4A Chakra at that time. It makes sense, then to pinpoint the problem with Energy Anatomy to the 7th Level of his 4A Chakra. It was probably torn open.

So basically my point is, is that if your best friend commits suicide, you shouldn’t follow suit. My point is, is that Mr. Bennington probably committed suicide because his best friend committed suicide, because the relationship they had together was unhealthy, because it was affected by I-HUBs.

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